Since 2004, we have created sustainable impact with the help of our partner organizations, musicians and fans! Together we have supported community projects throughout the United States, Mexico, Caribbean: the Dominican Republic, Haiti, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, Cayman Islands and Central America. All of this is made possible with YOUR support!

  • 219,461 trees have been planted in Central America & Northern Haiti thanks to our partner, Trees, Water & People (TWP), providing food, shade and soil health as well as sequestering CO2.  

  • On average, one tree planted by TWP can sequester one ton of carbon over its lifetime. A total of 27,000 tons of CO2 emissions have been reduced or sequestered to-date. Plus a total of 60,792 tons of CO2 emissions have been banked for the future as trees continue to grow and as people use their stoves, reducing the carbon footprint of our adventures since 2006!

  • 700 fuel efficient firewood cookstoves have been built for Central American families.

  • 12,223 shoes donated to the people of Northern Haiti and 2,000 socks. 

  • 500+ people have access to clean drinking water in the village of  Veron, Dominican Republic.

  • 25,000 people have access to a clinic with clean water and improved sanitation in Northern Haiti.

  • 1,500+ Cloud 9 Adventurers have experienced people, communities and given their time, energy and support since 2003. THANK YOU!!!

*Updated April 2020​

Projects we've impacted!

All Hands and Hearts


In response to Hurricane Dorian and Positive Legacy’s upcoming visit to the  Bahamas on Jam Cruise 18, we invite you to join us in providing a little HOPE to the communities that were devastated by this hurricane a few short weeks ago. Although we don’t hear much about the ongoing recovery process in the news these days, the need is great in the communities that were devastated by the storms.

Menos Plastico es Fantastico

In 2019 we provided a $13,000 grant to support a weekly beach clean up of 100 + kilometers of virgin beaches to the North & South of Mahahual before the current plastics become micro plastics and enter our food chain. They are creating jobs within their community to do so, benefitting our environment & the community alike.

Xcacel Sea Turtle Sanctuary

In 2019, Positive Legacy expanded our dedication to saving the sea turtles with a grant to the Xcacel Sanctuary for core infrastructure improvements. Our focus during phase one of the project include creating a second story to an existing building to become the main offices for the park’s organizers, refurbishing the existing septic system to adequately manage the waste water throughout the year. 

Carbonless Ocean Cargo

Sail Cargo Inc., the 2019 recipient of Positive Legacy’s first John Long Entrepreneurial Award are well on their way to fulfilling their mission to inspire change in the shipping industry.

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