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One Big Holiday


Positive Legacy attended One Big Holiday’s inaugural event in 2014. Supported by My Morning Jacket fans, Positive Legacy has raised upwards of $122,000 for nonprofit organizations in Mexico and the Dominican Republic! 


Funds raised at OBH have supported:

  • Developing a waste-water filtration system in Comunidad de Domingo Miaz, Dominican Republic

  • Building a community garden in the traditional Mayan Community of Dos Palmas, Mexico

  • The urban garden initiative at ECOSUR Botanical Gardens in Puerto Morelos, Mexico

  • The Reef National Park of Puerto Morelos, Mexico


Each year, Positive Legacy has led a Day of Service, and invited fans and artists to visit the community project. Thanks to all who have dedicated their morning on event day three to joining us for this special experience.


Another highlight of the event for both fans and Positive Legacy staff is Poolside Musical BINGO. We appreciate everyone who has joined in for the fun and shenanigans, while support a great cause!

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