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Since 2014, Positive Legacy has joined My Morning Jacket fans in Mexico and Dominican Republic for One Big Holiday. Over the course of four years, Positive Legacy and the fans raised $153,234 to support Positive Legacy’s programs and local community projects! 

Funds raised at OBH have supported:

  • Dreams for Mayan Children for an ecology program, music classes, computer training, and to continue teaching the skills of traditional Mayan handcrafts

  • The Botanical Gardens of El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR), and an urban agriculture and ecological curriculum for the local high school 

  • Building a medical center and schoolhouse in Central Vallarta 


We’re also thankful to everyone who has packed their suitcases full of toys, school and medical supplies for our annual donation drive! Donations have been distributed to communities throughout the Yucatan, and have surely made many children’s lives a little bit brighter!

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