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2023 RECAP


A big shout out to the fantastic guests at Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky and their incredible support of Positive Legacy!!


Day of Service & Cultural Connection

It was another glorious day of service with the Wilco fans at Escuela Miguel Ortega Navarrete in Puerto Aventuras. Spirits were high as we boarded the bus and the energy did not stop till we returned. 

Upon arrival we were greeted by two bleachers full of children who attend the school, with uproarious clapping and cheering that made us all feel like rockstars for a moment. After a quick rundown of the service projects for the day, the crew immediately dispersed and got down to business. 

For the next two hours there was some light clean up of trash around the mostly pristine school grounds, and one group painted the walls around an entire soccer field, splitting the wall with the two different “school colors”. Another crew painted 3 different sets of concrete bleachers for the soccer field and basketball court. Others were busy scraping and repainting basketball poles and soccer cages. If that wasn't enough, our day of service folks really showed up with some aggressive physical labor, mixing and hauling concrete BY HAND, to create eco brick benches. These are made with a layer of concrete then a layer of plastic bottles stuffed with trash. The process is repeated about 3 to 4 more times with a final layer of concrete on top. Once dry, the school will have two permanent benches for the basketball court made with this very cool upcycling technique. 

The children then presented us with pictures and notes they prepared thanking us for our efforts and wishing us happy holidays. Everyone's hearts burst with this gesture and there were not a lot of dry eyes in the house. And we presented the teachers with the school & medical supplies the festival guests brought in their luggage with them from the States. 

The day was capped off with a delicious lunch which we all agreed was the best meal of the week. We boarded the bus with sweat on our backs and full hearts from an amazing day we will never forget!!!

Charity Auction

Thanks to the incredible Wilco fans and their support. We are very excited to share that we raised over $22,000 during the silent and live auctions! Doug Marsch from Built to Spill started us off right with a lovely set of live music and carried us right into the Live Auction. A very special thanks to Wilco for their incredible support of our auction and helping to sign all the goodies our winning bidders got to take home. We hope that the fun, hard work and auction items you went home with will fill you with warm memories of a wonderful adventure together for years to come. 


This year we had a great time sending guests around the resort on a Positive Legacy Scavenger Hunt where they were encouraged to make new memories and friends! We also got our fun on with the Bling your Own Sunglasses Craftivity we hosted in our HQ, where guests got a chance to decorate their own sunnies and put their own unique style into their eyewear. 

2022 RECAP

Sky Blue Sky showed up for Positive Legacy and the local community. Both Day of Service sessions sold out and together, with the support of our presenting sponsor Mike's Amazing, we packaged over three hundred up-cycled food bags to bolster the pantries of our neighbors in need. We learned that while Neal Francis wasn’t the horse to back in the Poolside Derby, he sure can dance! We also learned that Wilco fans are crafty folks as we had a great turnout for our craft activity where we made Japanese-style Tawashi sponges from recycled t-shirts. And finally, we learned about the generosity of the Wilco family as the online and live auctions raised over $11,000 for our future and ongoing environmental and humanitarian projects. Huge thanks to everyone for their continued support of Positive Legacy and our vision to become One World United Through Music.


In 2020, Positive Legacy traveled to Mexico for the inaugural Wilco's Sky Blue Sky. In just four event days, Positive Legacy was able to raise upwards of $40,000 for humanitarian and environmental projects!


Funds raised at Sky Blue Sky have supported:

  • Xcacel Sea Turtle Sanctuary to protect sea turtle nesting grounds


At the first Day of Service at the Xcacel Sea Turtle Sanctuary, 80 Wilco fans and locals joined us for a day of improving the park and cleaning the beach. The morning concluded with an intimate solo set from Jeff Tweedy, lunch featuring local cuisine and a swim in the pristine ocean. Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Wilco's Sky Blue Sky Day of Service!


We also appreciate everyone who donated to the charity auction and the supply drive, donated to offset their carbon footprint, competed in the golf tournament, gambled in poolside casino and took a chance on BINGO!

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Jeff Tweedy
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