Wilco's Sky Blue Sky


In 2020, Positive Legacy traveled to Mexico for the inaugural WILCO’s Sky Blue Sky. In just four event days, Positive Legacy was able to raise upwards of $20,000 for humanitarian and environmental projects!


Funds raised at WILCO have supported:

  • Xcacel Sea Turtle Sanctuary to protect sea turtle nesting grounds


At the first Day of Service at the Xcacel Sea Turtle Sanctuary, 80 WILCO fans and locals joined us for a day of improving the park and cleaning the beach. The morning concluded with an intimate solo set from Jeff Tweedy, lunch featuring local cuisine and a swim in the pristine ocean. Thank you to everyone who participated in our first WILCO’s Sky Blue Sky Day of Service!


We also appreciate everyone who donated to the charity auction and the supply drive, donated to offset their carbon footprint, competed in the golf tournament, gambled in poolside casino and took a chance on BINGO!