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2016 Annual Report

In 2016 Positive Legacy expended $119,665 on Program Services and utilized over 5,700 hours from their Board of Directors, volunteers and other team members to support operations and event activities.


$15,433 grant to the Oracabessa Foundation, Jamaica for youth development programs in Jamaica

$11,630 to support Camp Southern Ground for their operations in partnership with the Zac Brown Band

$9,400 for school improvements in Campamento Hidalgo, Mexico

$6,835 donation to assist displaced youth in Nassau, Bahamas

$4,324 donation to provide music programs in Miami, Florida

$4,000 donation to the Kerryville Folk Festival

$1,000 to complete the children’s workbook for the Deer Dance Project in Brazil

$1,000 to Drums Not Gunsin support of our service day program in Belize

$800 to support The Payback, Inc. and theur efforts to combat homelessness in the US

$9,000 donation to Trees, Water & People, allowing us to offset 900 tons of carbon dioxide

60+ cases of school, medical, clothing and other supplies for residents in Veron, Dominican Republic and Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Assisted with school improvement projects with Castaway with Southern Ground and Panic en la Playa Cinco Day of Service & Celebration in Tulum, Mexico

Dominican Holidaze Day of Service guests visited a reef restoration project in Veron, Dominican Republic

Planted and upgraded community gardens with Strings & Sol and Closer to the Sun Day of Service & Celebration at the Flora y Fauna Community Gardens in Puerto Morelos, Mexico

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