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Pours for Positive


The Mission:

Pours for Positive is a centralized charitable initiative that streamlines non-profit engagement and community outreach for breweries and craft beverage companies.

Positive Legacy is proud to collab with Louder Than Digital and craft beverage technology powerhouse, Craftpeak, who built the websites for All Together and Black Is Beautiful, on the Pours for Positive campaign. The initiative provides craft brands across the world with fundraising support, event planning and logistics, community engagement, marketing services, and technology to take on part of the heavy lift of helping craft companies amplify their community engagement and charitable-giving.


Community impact is really important to us,” says John Kelley, CEO of Craftpeak. “As an organization, it’s one of our top priorities. Pours for Positive helps craft beverage companies across the country give back to the initiatives they care about.”


“Now that we have an avenue for providing philanthropy within the craft beverage industry, we can expand our motto to ‘one world united through craft”’ explains Christine Campbell, Executive Director of Positive Legacy.

#OneWorldUnitedThroughMusic #OneWorldUnitedThroughCraft

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