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Pours for Positive

The Mission:

Pours for Positive is a centralized charitable initiative that streamlines non-profit engagement and community outreach for breweries and craft beverage companies.

Positive Legacy is proud to collaborate with Louder Than Digital and craft beverage technology powerhouse, Craftpeak, on Pours for Positive - a new model for community engagement that takes the headaches out of giving back, letting you do what you love without all the heavy lifting.

Community impact is really important to us. As an organization, it’s one of our top priorities. Pours for Positive helps craft beverage companies across the country give back to the initiatives they care about.”

- John Kelley, CEO of Craftpeak

Created to bring craft beverage businesses closer to their communities, Pours for Positive provides the tools craft brands need to make meaningful contributions to the causes closest to their hearts, and to spread the word to make an even greater impact.  Since launching at the Craft Brewers Conference in 2021, Pours for Positive has attracted more than two dozen partners from across the globe — providing fundraising support, event planning and logistics, community activation, marketing services, and technology solutions — to help craft companies amplify their community engagement and charitable-giving efforts.

The Goal:

The Pours for Positive model exists to make it easy, effective, and fun for you and your customers to support the causes that matter most to your community.

With a tiered engagement structure, your craft business’ level of involvement  in Pours for Positive is entirely up to you.  Whether you want to donate a dollar per beer to your favorite local nonprofit, or you want to raise tens of thousands of dollars with a concert and charity auction, Pours for Positive has the expertise to support any community engagement initiative you can dream up.  By amplifying your work — and that of your chosen cause — through Positive Legacy’s international network of nonprofit partners, your fundraisers and benefit beers will never get lost in the shuffle again.  And with Craftpeak and Louder Than Digital’s tech and marketing support, the donations you make will be as big as the giant novelty checks they’re printed on.

“Now that we have an avenue for providing philanthropy within the craft beverage industry, we can expand our motto to: One World United Through Craft." 

- Christine Campbell, Executive Director of Positive Legacy


Contact us to find out why some of the biggest craft beer brands in the industry have partnered with Pours for Positive, and start amplifying your community engagement today!

#OneWorldUnitedThroughMusic #OneWorldUnitedThroughCraft

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