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Jam Cruise


Jam Cruise 1 in 2004 is where it all started for Positive Legacy. 18 sailings later, Positive Legacy and Jam Cruisers have provided more than $150,000 of funding to communities in need throughout Mexico and the Caribbean!


Funds raised on JC have supported:

  • Menos Plastico es Fantastico (Mexico)

  • Community Baboon Sanctuary (Belize)

  • School of Life International Foundation (Honduras)

  • Two Wheels, One Love (Jamaica)

  • All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response (U.S. and Caribbean)

  • Deer Dance Festival (Belize)

  • Drums Not Guns (Belize)

  • Astor Black Music & Art Institute (Jamaica)

  • Bob Moog Foundation and Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool (Honduras)

  • CommUnity in Action (Turks & Caicos)

  • Haiti Village Health Clinic (Haiti)

  • Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (Haiti)

  • KM55 “Kinder” School (Mexico)

  • Reef Environmental Education Foundation (Cayman Islands)

  • Rural Retreat Community Center (Jamaica)

  • Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary (Belize)

  • Cozumel Chrysalis Group (Mexico)

  • Majken Broby Children’s Home (Mexico)

  • Nucleo de Apoya Familiar (Mexico)

  • Roatan Children’s Fund (Honduras)

  • Rock the Earth (U.S.)

  • Second Harvest Food Bank (U.S.)

  • Reef Relief (U.S.)


The Jam cruise Day of Service is a fan favorite and historically always sells out. We truly appreciate the enthusiasm and gratitude that Jam Cruisers express for being able to help with our projects firsthand and being able to take away a life lesson from the experience. 


(2019) Day of Service guest Elizabeth shared with us: “Community Baboon Sanctuary Day of Service is my first experience and one for the books! Exploring the natural setting of the black howlers, giving back to make the sanctuary a better place for the community and of course, experiencing cultural and funky music with the kids was awesome! Definitely going to become a repeat offender for Day of Service!”


Another fan favorite is the Annual Ivan Neville Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament where cruisers have a chance to play against the musicians, always resulting in a fun-filled afternoon. 


A heartfelt thank you goes out to Matt Butler for orchestrating the improvisational masterpiece that is Everyone Orchestra! Each sailing, Matt curates an uplifting musical journey for the Positive Legacy Celebration, and we are extremely grateful for all the artists who have joined over the years!