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Jam Cruise 20 Programming


Day of Service & Community Connection: Feb 27 (Day 3)

We are thrilled to invite Jam Cruise 20 guests to join us for this day of giving back and connecting with the local community at Robin’s Nest Children’s Home in Jamaica!!

Robin's Nest Children's Home is nestled on the mountain top of Montego Bay and is about an hour drive from the port. The Nest is surrounded by luscious hills with a view of the ocean and offers a safe and secure environment for the children, providing the basic needs, medical care, unconditional love and education they need to grow.

During our Day of Service, we will spend our afternoon doing some much-needed updates to the Robin’s Nest property. We will be:

  • Cutting back the jungle around the property

  • Painting a wall at the preschool

  • Laying gravel and concrete along the road leading up to the Children’s Home

  • Doing a large trash pickup around the property.

Come prepared to get dirty!


A delicious local meal will be provided, and Jam Cruise musicians, Matt Butler with Everyone Orchestra, Pete Shand with New Mastersounds, Ricky Giordano with Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Alric “AC” Carter with Tauk and other Jam Cruise artists TBA, will join us for a music jam and celebration.

Positive Legacy is also partnering with One Love Brigade, a USA-based nonprofit that brings bicycles, wheelchairs and other items into Jamaica to provide to those in need. They will be distributing over 30 bikes and scooters to Robin’s Nest. It will be a lovely day of community service and giving back to the local community in Jamaica!


10:15 Guest check-in (PL Headquarters, Deck 7, La Luna Piano Bar)
10:45 Walk to disembarkation location on ship
11:00 Disembark ship and walk to buses
11:30 Transport to Robin’s Nest
12:15-12:30 Arrival 
12:15 Drop 30 people at the bottom of road for 'Road Work' 
12:30 Welcome & orientation of service activities
12:30-2:30 Service work
2:30-4:00 Lunch
2:30-4:15 Music Jam
4:00-4:30 Closing comments, cleanup, thank you & goodbyes
4:30 Board buses
4:45-5:45 Transport to cruise port
7:00 All Aboard/Sail Away 

Unable to attend and/or want to further help us reach our $10,000 goal?

The Salter's Hill community is very mountainous and rural. Transportation to the facility is an every day challenge. Robin’s Nest staff and children must travel the existing road to and from the facility at least 5 times per day.

This road is in dire need of repairs and Positive Legacy wants to make the lives of these kids a little smoother!
To help, Positive Legacy is raising funds to:

  • Complete substantial road work to clean, widen and smooth the road

  • Add concrete to key sections

  • Clean the roadside drains

  • Replace the truck that the facility uses to maintain the road and deliver supplies




Charity Auction

On the last day of our adventure together, visit our HQ (Deck 7, La Luna Piano Bar) for this year’s Auction. Bid on unique memorabilia including autographed photos, concert tickets, and more to take home something extra special from our sailing!

If you are interested in donating an item to the auction, contact us TODAY.


2023 RECAP

The much anticipated return to Jam Cruise after three long years surely did not disappoint! On top of great music and great friends, this sailing allowed us to attain an important milestone of reaching $1 Million Dollars in grant funding provided to our partners! 


The Day of Service in the Dominican Republic was one of the best Positive Legacy adventures yet. 75 Jam Cruisers joined us at Project Esperanza's educational farm to help with needed improvements, while several artists including Fruition and members of Pixie and the Partygrass Boys joined us to provide the afternoon entertainment along with the help of students from the Bachata Academy. Karl Denson and his Tiny Universe conducted several different music workshops for the students and Jam Cruisers got to learn some new dance moves including Bachata and Merengue. It was a very special day all around! 


We had so much fun hosting Bad Boy Bingo with Little Stranger, crafting some upcycled sunglasses, and had a memorable piano performance during the auction with Ross Bogan of Doom Flamingo and his band mates.


Thanks to everyone who came out to support our annual auction including the photographers, bands, and those who took the time to craft some beautiful art and handmade goods to donate, as well as to those who bid on all the curated items. 


Jam Cruise 19 helped us raise more than $30,000 for our humanitarian and environmental efforts to support deserving organizations! It was incredibly meaningful for our team to return to sailing with thousands of our supporters and friends and we are so grateful for each and everyone who was a part of it. Until next year, Jamily!


Jam Cruise 1 in 2004 is where it all started for Positive Legacy. 18 sailings later, Positive Legacy and Jam Cruisers have provided more than $150,000 of funding to communities in need throughout Mexico and the Caribbean!


Funds raised on JC have supported:

  • Menos Plastico es Fantastico (Mexico)

  • Community Baboon Sanctuary (Belize)

  • School of Life International Foundation (Honduras)

  • Two Wheels, One Love (Jamaica)

  • All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response (U.S. and Caribbean)

  • Deer Dance Festival (Belize)

  • Drums Not Guns (Belize)

  • Astor Black Music & Art Institute (Jamaica)

  • Bob Moog Foundation and Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool (Honduras)

  • CommUnity in Action (Turks & Caicos)

  • Haiti Village Health Clinic (Haiti)

  • Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (Haiti)

  • KM55 “Kinder” School (Mexico)

  • Reef Environmental Education Foundation (Cayman Islands)

  • Rural Retreat Community Center (Jamaica)

  • Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary (Belize)

  • Cozumel Chrysalis Group (Mexico)

  • Majken Broby Children’s Home (Mexico)

  • Nucleo de Apoya Familiar (Mexico)

  • Roatan Children’s Fund (Honduras)

  • Rock the Earth (U.S.)

  • Second Harvest Food Bank (U.S.)

  • Reef Relief (U.S.)


The Jam cruise Day of Service is a fan favorite and historically always sells out. We truly appreciate the enthusiasm and gratitude that Jam Cruisers express for being able to help with our projects firsthand and being able to take away a life lesson from the experience. 


(2019) Day of Service guest Elizabeth shared with us: “Community Baboon Sanctuary Day of Service is my first experience and one for the books! Exploring the natural setting of the black howlers, giving back to make the sanctuary a better place for the community and of course, experiencing cultural and funky music with the kids was awesome! Definitely going to become a repeat offender for Day of Service!”

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Matt Butler for orchestrating the improvisational masterpiece that is Everyone Orchestra! Each sailing, Matt curates an uplifting musical journey for the Positive Legacy Celebration, and we are extremely grateful for all the artists who have joined over the years!

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