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We busted it BIG at this year’s Panic En La Playa!

We had a great round on the "Ball Eater" that is the Hard Rock Golf Course for the Positive Legacy Classic.  Thanks to Sunny Ortiz for hosting, Jon Tyson for the slick prizes, Tim Hemphill for the trophies (that went to the winners at ten under) and the thirty-four players who gripped it and ripped it for a good cause. 

We took a very enthusiastic Panic crew to an elementary school in Playa del Carmen where we painted an amazing animal mural inside the grounds with a lovely group of students. Lots of great work was done along with our partners from the Fundación RCD, then we enjoyed a delicious lunch and played some soccer with the students before heading back to the resort. 

Poolside BINGO was a complete hit!  Thank you to everyone who played a card and Grateful Shred for the calls and insightful trivia along the way. Congratulations to the bingo and four-corner winners.  Always a good time and a great warm up for a Beach Set. 

And last, but certainly not least, this year's auction was a roaring success, helping us raise over $70K to put towards our local environmental and humanitarian service projects. Thank you to all the bidders and donors and a special thanks to Jimmy Herring for donating the PRS guitar he has been playing on stage for the past eight years. From Uno to Once, the Good People of PELP never cease to amaze with their love and support of all things Positive Legacy. We are grateful and look forward to running it back at Doce!

2022 RECAP

It’s now been a decade of Good People doing good things at Panic en la Playa and that tradition continues.  At Uno we raised enough cash to plant some trees to shade a local school. At Diez we raised enough to BUILD a school with the auction yielding a record-setting $82,240! The fans' kindness was also on full display at Sunny’s golf outing, and at Bingo with Southern Avenue. A special thanks to everyone who came out to the Day of Service sponsored by Mike's Amazing. Together we jam-packed over three hundred food bags (made from upcycled Hard Rock Hotel uniforms) that will stock the pantries of our local neighbors in need. The Good People of Panic fuel Positive Legacy’s mission and it’s tough to overstate the cumulative impact they've had on this community over the years. 

Screen Shot 2023-01-20 at 1.55.16 PM.png


Positive Legacy first attended Panic en la Playa Uno in 2012. Collectively over the nine years of the event, Positive Legacy has raised a staggering $415,000 with the help of Panic fans, musicians and artisans!


Funds raised at PELP have supported:

  • Xcacel Sea Turtle Sanctuary to protect sea turtle nesting grounds

  • Flora, Fauna y Cultura for ecological conservation and community action 

  • Dreams for Mayan Children to encourage passing down Mayan traditions

  • Punta Cana Ecological Foundation for the Fuentes de Vida project, building a natural wastewater treatment facility 

  • Onda Encantada School for building a new facility, the Phoenix School

  • A cleanup project in the park of Domingo Maiz Barrio in Veron

  • Planting trees at the David Alfonso Sequero Primary School in Puerto Morelos

  • Widespread Panic’s Tunes for Tots


The Charity Auction always proves to be a highlight of the event for fans, musicians and staff. We’re extremely grateful to everyone who has donated an item, bid on an item, and best of all, won an item in support of our community projects. 


Other highlights of the event are the annual Charity Golf Tournament with Sunny Ortiz, Mexican Carnival, SetList Pool, Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament with Ivan Neville, WSMFP BINGO and our latest addition, the 0.05K Fun Run. Thanks to everyone who has participated in activities benefiting Positive Legacy’s projects through Mexico and the Caribbean!

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