Positive Legacy Recap from Panic en la Playa Nueve

Positive Legacy 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization’s mission is to integrate music and service to benefit people and the environment. Working in conjunction with Cloud 9 Adventures, Positive Legacy has coordinated service projects for destination events in many different countries throughout the years. Fueled by the power of music, and a passion for sustainability, Positive Legacy strives to transcend cultural boundaries by learning about the needs & aspirations of the communities we visit & serving them with action from musicians and fans!

Thank you to all of the Panic en la Playa Nueve fans who showed their overwhelming generosity to Positive Legacy while in Mexico!

Day of Service and Sustainability Experience 

We’d like to thank all the PELP fans who joined us at Xcacel, a stunning beach and turtle sanctuary near the Hard Rock Hotel. We worked on improvement projects including a beach cleanup and pathway maintenance which leads to the cenote the park is now able to open again! 


Everyone’s efforts were part of a large ongoing project at Xcacel Turtle Sanctuary. In 2019, Positive Legacy made a $20,000 grant to the Park to build housing for the biologists and volunteers who live and work at the park from April-November, protecting the nesting turtles. The grant is also supporting the creation of a Welcome Center at the park, which will educate visitors about the importance of ecological conservation and minimizing plastic consumption. The creation of this park will help ensure the longevity of the Sanctuary’s establishment, as there is always a risk that the land could be sold and developed for commercial use.


After our hard work in the sun, we were rewarded by sweet serenades from local musician, Rodrigo Lopez Ray. We enjoyed local cuisine for lunch than spent time on the pristine beach and refreshing Carribean ocean. 


Thank you to all our participants in the Day of Service, it was incredible to see how many helping hands can achieve so much in a short amount of time!

A huge thank you to everyone who showed up in the Hacienda Lobby and participated in the bidding at our Charity Auctions! With your support we raised $50,000 which will support Positive Legacy’s continued environmental & humanitarian projects in Mexico.  We also raised $5,500 for Widespread Panic’s Tunes for Tots


Collectively over the 9 years at Panic en la Playa events, Positive Legacy has raised over $400,000 from the support of the fans, musicians and artistians! 

We’d like to thank Terrance Higgins for his uplifting DJ Set during the silent auction which set the perfect ambiance while participants bid on photos, posters and unique PELP art pieces. 


A special thanks to Josh Timmermans and Dave Vann for the amazing photography they donated and to Widespread Panic for their generous donations

Thanks to all the golfers who participated in our annual Positive Legacy Golf Tournament with our friend Sunny Ortiz! You helped us raise funds while enjoying a “sunny” day on the links and congrats to THE A TEAM for the BIG WIN!

We appreciate everyone who hopped into the pool Day 3 to play Mexican Carnival games which benefited Positive Legacy!

You gotta know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em when you join Ivan Neville for an afternoon of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. Thanks to he AMAZING crew that came out and had a great time all for charity! 

Thank you to our BINGO hosts Seth Weiner, Andy Frasco and Sean Eckles for a hilariously entertaining afternoon pool experience benefiting Positive Legacy! So many PELP fans joined in on the musical game and helped us raise over $1,800 which will be returned to the region to support humanitarian and environmental improvement efforts!

Did you survive the PELP first annual 0.05K Run? A big thanks so all those fearless racers who helped raise funds for Positive Legacy with their peer to peer campaigns for the 0.05k race! Your platforms and networks helped raise $1,000 for Positive Legacy! 

Many thanks for packing school and medical supplies to bring with you on your vacation! The items you contributed were delivered to small, rural villages in the jungle.  Your donations have made children and families’ lives brighter!



Donation Drive

Positive Legacy Charity Auction

Positive Legacy Charity Golf Tournament w/ Sunny Ortiz

Mexican Carnival w/ Special Guests

Texas Hold 'Em Tournament

WSMFP BINGO  w/ Andy Frasco and Shawn Eckels



Positive Legacy Programming at Panic en la Playa Ocho Recap

Funds raised at Panic en la Playa Ocho will support a grant to Flora, Fauna y Cultura for ecological conservation and community action. The Programa Tortugas Marinas serves to provide a turtle sanctuary and educational center aimed at the protection, research and conservation of sea turtles nesting on the coasts of Quintana Roo.


Many thanks to everyone who took part in all of the activities with Positive Legacy at Panic en la Playa Ocho:

Day of Service & Cultural Connection with Positive Legacy

It was a beautiful day at Xcacel, a local Turtle Sanctuary, run by the organization Ibanqroo. After a night out enjoying music Panic en la Playa guests woke up early and  joined us to do important service work and give back.

We face many issues when trying to protect our ecosystem and at Xcacel they work hard protecting, educating and supporting the plants and animals in their community, on the beach and in the surrounding jungle. Four types of turtles nest here every year, and it’s also home to jaguars, iguanas, white-tailed deer and so many birds!


Guests spent their morning picking up and sorting micro-plastics from the beach. Plastic pollution is a continuing problem and we ask our guests how they can minimize the amount of plastic waste they create. We also worked on a project building a fence to keep people from stepping into the delicate ecosystems. We were lucky to have school children from Nuevo Durango, a community deep in the jungle join us for the afternoon. They painted the bathroom and enjoyed swimming and laughing in the ocean. Guests worked hard clearing space to build a picnic area to keep people from eating on the beach.

Xcacel strives to teach people the importance of ecological conservation, and encourages visitors to the beach to keep it clean for themselves, others and the turtles. The sun shined all day, and we enjoyed delicious local food, music and a swim in the beautiful Caribbean Sea! Many hands make magic happen and we are so grateful to get to be able to support projects we know make a difference in the world.

Positive Legacy Charity Auction

We are so thrilled to announce that Positive Legacy was able to raise over $60,000 in this year’s charity auction!  Auction proceeds will support Positive Legacy’s continued environmental & humanitarian projects in Mexico and our work with Xcacel. It is incredible to see all of the Panic Fans show up excited to take home one-of-a-kind art, signed photos, swag and signed guitars.  Thank you to all of the Widespread Panic fans who bid in the auction and made this a record-breaking auction, with the most money raised at any event! A special thank you to the musicians and their management, the fans and artists for supporting the auction with their custom donations, and Josh Timmermans and Dave Vann for their amazing photography. We loved the groovy tunes from Cheme’s DJ set as auction entertainment and much appreciation goes out to Seth Weiner for his professional rocktioneering!

Positive Legacy Charity Golf Tournament w/ Sunny Ortiz

Thanks to Sunny and the 45 other players who came out for a lap around the Hard Rock course,  Two teams were in the clubhouse seven under with “The A-Team” winning the tie-breaker. Between entry fees and a contest to play with Sunny, we raised over $3,000.  By the way, those racoon-looking critters that tried to rob our carts are called “white-nosed coati.” Big shout-out to Timothy Hemphill for making trophies!

WSMFP BINGO w/ Cyril Neville

A special thank you must go out to this year’s PELP players for creating a very entertaining BINGO afternoon benefiting Positive Legacy.  Your participation made this year’s BINGO the best on record, raising over $2200 towards our various programing in Mexico. Thanks to Cyril Neville for sharing some stories during the first game focused on NOLA musicians and the mariachi bar mitzvah that followed game two won’t be forgotten anytime soon.



RECAP of our Positive Legacy Programs During Panic en la Playa Siete

Positive Legacy is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to integrate music and service to benefit people and the environment. Working in conjunction with Cloud 9 Adventures, Positive Legacy coordinates service projects for destination events in many different countries. Fueled by the power of music, and a passion for sustainability, Positive Legacy strives to transcend cultural boundaries by learning about the needs and aspirations of the communities we visit and serving them with action from musicians and fans!

Check out all the GOOD Positive Legacy did at Panic en la Playa:

Positive Legacy visited to the local community of Comunidad de Chemuyil for the very first time for a day of cultural exchange, community service and celebration!

Our first visit to Chimuyil community has already proven to have had a lasting impact on the people and environment. We had a truly wonderful and hard working day creating a remarkable impact in a short period of time with fans & community members. Activities included…

  • Trash cleanup

  • Beginning stages of a community center

  • Painted a colorful mural

  • Built a temporary raised trash collection pad

  • Planted fruiting trees

  • Painted signs for Xcacel National Park’s sea turtle preservation program

Throughout the entire afternoon we had interactive entertainment by local musicians along with traditional Mexican dancers. We also enjoyed a locally prepared meal for all guests on site.

Finally, we finished the afternoon at Xcacel, a local Sea Turtle Sanctuary Beach and Cenote for a swim and some sunshine. To conclude the interactive and cultural excursion hosted an informative discussion of future and current projects with our partners. We provided the opportunity for local children and adults to see and learn about the benefits of sustainable practices as we implemented the first step towards a community wide waste management systems. We hope to continue to lead by example while creating lasting improvements in this community and teaching as many as we can about the importance of sustainable practices.

The Positive Legacy Charity Auction

We are pleased to announce that Positive Legacy was able to raise $57,500 in this year’s charity auction!  Auction proceeds will support Positive Legacy’s continued environmental & humanitarian projects in the Mexico such as the computer and music learning center, as well as a trash and recycling center in Chimuyil. Thank you to all of the Panic en la Playa fans who bid in the auction. A special thank you to the musicians and their management, the fans/artists for supporting the auction with their custom donations, and Josh Timmermans and Dave Vann for their amazing photography. We had a special treat with Chris Jacobs, Ivan Nevill, George Porter JR, Eric Krasno and many others providing the auction entertainment,and much appreciation goes out to Seth from Cloud 9 for guest auctioneering our live auction. This was one to remember!

Daily Activities Recap

WSMFP Musical Poolside Bingo w/ Keving Scott

A special thank you must go out to this year’s PELP BINGO players for helping us to create a very entertaining poolside afternoon benefiting Positive Legacy. Your participation made this year’s BINGO one of the best on record, raising over $1,400 towards our various programs in Mexico. Thanks for having fun in sun with us!

Ivan Neville’s Texas Hold em’ Tournament

Thanks for a real good time to all the PLAYERS! A fun time was had by all and proceeds support Positive Legacy’s humanitarian projects.

PELP Siete Golf Tournament

We hit the greens with Sunny for a round of golf supporting Positive Legacy’s charitable programs at the Hard Rock Golf Club. Sunny offered up two spots in his foursome to lucky winners in support of Positive Legacy. Contests and prizes made for a fun day out on the links!

Dream for Mayan Children Grant Update

Positive Legacy has been investing in various community projects in Mexico for the past 5 years. In October 2016, Positive Legacy awarded Dreams for Mayan Children a $9,400 grant to support better educational outcomes and complete necessary renovations for the U Sasil Kaan School in Campamento Hidalgo, Mexico. Campamento Hidalgo a small indigenous village with a population of 200 people located in the Eastern Yucatan Peninsula. It is a true living Mayan community, where ancient traditions still exist and the Mayan language is commonly spoken, but has mostly been forgotten by the outside world.

In 2017 Positive Legacy again partnered with Dreams for Mayan Children, awarding a $10,500 grant to create a Learning Center in the community of Nuevo Durango. Their mission is to cultivate a variety of classes including basic computer skills, English language development, music education and traditional trade workshop. This project also includes supplying the Learning Center with needed materials and supplies to enable it to operate at maximum capacity for the community. Providing a resource for remote communities to utilize for expanded youth development and continued adult education is paramount for the survival of the Mayan culture.

Project Objectives:

  • Ecology Program-expansion of the organic garden area

  • Music Classes – with primary and secondary teachers

  • Computer Training

  • Artesenia (Traditional Handcrafts)

  • Language (Mayan/Spanish/English)


Day of Community Connection & Celebration w/ Positive Legacy, In Partnership w/ Dreams For Mayan Children

Recap of our Positive Legacy Programs from Panic en la Playa Seis

Day of Service with Positive Legacy & Sunny Ortiz

Panic en la Playa fans had the opportunity to engage in a day of service and intercultural exchange in the traditional Mayan village of Dos Palmas. We worked on several bright and cheery painting projects around the school, and those who wanted to work up a sweat and earn their lunch (including Widespread Panic percussionist Sunny Ortiz) moved a ton of rocks from the jungle floor to the ball court. The rocks will be used to complete a Mayan ball court where the children will revive their traditional games and play some futbol too.

Once we were done with the service work, guests could take a cool dip in a beautiful cenote and enjoy a tasty lunch and homemade tortillas prepared by the local community. We closed out the afternoon with a special Mayan ceremony, and everyone received a blessing and cleansing by a local shaman. We would like to thank Dreams for Mayan Children for hosting us, Sunny Ortiz and the Panic fans for joining us, and the Dos Palmas community members for participating in this beautiful day!!

The Positive Legacy Auction Raised Just Over $50,000

A special thank you to Widespread Panic and their management, the fans for supporting the auction with their bids and custom donations, and to Josh Timmermans and Dave Vann for their beautiful photography. You are all amazing and Positive Legacy is grateful for your continued support year after year. Auction proceeds will support Positive Legacy’s environmental and humanitarian projects throughout the Caribbean.

Charity Golf Tournament with Sunny Ortiz

Sunny sends his sincere appreciation to everyone who joined him for charity golf in support of Positive Legacy.

Set List Pool

Thanks to those of you that were feeling lucky, or just good at the guessing game! The winners got to split the proceeds 50/50 with Positive Legacy. We hope you enter again next year (and bring your friends)!

Name That Tune BINGO - Hosted by Eric Krasno

A special thank you must go out to this year’s hosts with the most, Eric Krasno for helping create a very entertaining game of pool side BINGO, an afternoon benefitting Positive Legacy. Many thanks to all of you who joined in for the fun and shenanigans while supporting a  great cause.

Partner Information

Positive Legacy has Partnered with the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation since 2012. With the help from fans like you, we have been able to donate just over $50,000 to contribute to the construction of a Natural Waste Water Treatment facility and a clean water distribution system to the community of Veron near Punta Cana. The waste water treatment facility utilizes grasses and native plants to naturally extract toxins in the water. This is a natural system that will likely be duplicated in areas around the Caribbean! The completion of the natural waste water treatment facility which took place in 2014 is step one in the three step plan to provide a sustainable water system to the 500 residents of this area called Domingo Maiz. Once Positive Legacy and their partners have seen this five-year project through the residents will have a functional waste water treatment facility, a solid waste management system, and safe drinking water. We hope that on completion this area will then provide other communities with a model of how to create these essentials in their own community.




Day of Service & Community Connection

Onda Ecantada School in Tulum, Mexico

On day 3 of Panic en la Playa, Widespread Panic fans and Positive Legacy took a trip to the school, Onda Encantada to give back to the local community! We enjoyed interacting and playing games with the students. We worked on school improvements and dined on a delicious, locally prepared lunch together with students and their parents. Our team completed two swing sets and also completed a kid-sized train-set that we painted with the students. After our work was complete, we sat back and relaxed to the sounds of some local, live music. The band also performed a demonstration lesson to introduce the students to the instruments that they were playing.

The teachers, students and parents at Onda Encantada are extremely grateful of the progress and the memories that we all made together on our Day of Service.  The parents and teachers thank all of you that joined us and want you to know, the imprint that you made on the children’s lives will be everlasting!

The Positive Legacy Auction Raised $57,000!

We are pleased to announce that with your support, the Positive Legacy Live and Silent Charity Auctions raised over $57,000! Proceeds from the auction will fund our environmental and humanitarian projects such as our scholarship program for low-income families to send their children to Onda Encantada, our primary school partner in Tulum.

Thank you to those of you who supported us by bidding on autographed guitars, custom metal art, autographed photos, merchandise, Panic concert posters, and custom artwork. We also want to say Muchas Gracias to all of you who created a piece of artwork to donate to the auction. Widespread Panic fans are truly keeping Positive Legacy’s mission alive through all of the support that you give us!

Donation Drive - Thank you all for donating!

Many Panic fans saved room in their suitcases to bring along some requested donations for our local parter school, Onda Encantada. Thank you to those of you who contributed backpacks, pencils, notebooks, crayons, gloves, masks, swabs, bandages, and more! We delivered several large boxes of much needed supplies to Onda Encantada on our Day of Service & Community Connection. There were so many donations that Onda Encantada has been able to share with multiple schools and medical centers in the Tulum and Yucatan regions. YOU were able to make a huge impact on the community’s quality of life.

Playing for Positive Legacy

Thank you to all of you who joined in the fun and supported the cause by playing for Positive Legacy. Many Panic fans took a chance on the guessing game in the SETLIST POOL on nights 1 & 2 in which 50% of entry totals were split among winners and 50% benefitted Positive Legacy. Big thanks to all of you golfers that teed up with Sunny Ortiz on day 2 of PELP in the golf tournament and also participated in the player’s pool. 50% of the cash pool from the golf tournament benefitted Positive Legacy. We sure had an entertaining afternoon full of laughs, smiles and lively tunes at our Poolside, Musical BINGO benefitting Positive Legacy on Day 4. We had such a great turnout and raised $2,400 through this activity! Thanks again for playing for the cause!

Partner Information

Onda Encantada

In 2012, Positive Legacy provided $20,000 as a financial backing for a new school, Phoenix School/Amanecer Comunidad de Aprendizaje (translated as New Beginning Community of Learning) in Tulum, Mexico.  The school opened its doors in October 2012, serving 18 children. Our support enabled the school to renovate the existing structure on the grounds and covered the first month of operating expenses.  In December 2012, the Positive Legacy team along with volunteers visited the school and lent a hand with the school improvement projects including constructing a clean cook stove for their kitchen.

Since that time, the school has undergone some challenges with leadership and sustainability.  While no longer operating as the Phoenix School, the building now serves as a Montessori School called Onda Encantada and is an education center for children from 18 months to eight years old. They have 30 children in three levels, in a bilingual atmosphere with certified professionals, including a special education professional. Children have English every day as second language and have other enrichment programs built into their daily classroom activities. Positive Legacy visited the school with Panic en la Playa guests on our day of service and cultural connection. We interacted with the students and worked together on some improvement projects on the school grounds. The funds raised through our day of service will provide a scholarship for an underprivileged child to attend the school for a year ($3300 US dollars). We are proud to be a partner with this innovative school in Tulum and hope that the future of Onda Encantada is bright!



Positive Legacy Recap

Panic en la Playa Cuatro

Donation Drive

Panic en la Playa guests donated an incredible amount of school supplies and medical supplies to the community of Veron through the Positive Legacy Donation Drive. Thank you to all of you that saved room in your suitcases for these much needed supplies! The community of Veron also thanks you for your kind contributions!


Day of Service & Cultural Connection

On day 3 of Panic en la Playa guests were invited to join Positive Legacy for a day of service, celebration, and cultural connection. Guests traveled outside of the gates of The Hard Rock Resort to a community called Veron, near Punta Cana. This is a community that Positive Legacy has been working with for three years now and has also been able to donate just over $50,000 to help fund a Natural Waste Water Treatment facility and a clean water delivery system to residents. Panic en la Playa Tres guests visited this community last year when construction on the natural waste treatment system had just started. This year returning guests we were able to see the progress since their last visit and see the now completed and functioning natural waste water treatment system. This part of the Fuentes de Vida (sources of life) project that has now been completed is providing 500 Veron residents with waste water services to keep contamination out of the local aquifer. The day started with a tour of the system and an explanation on how the natural waste water treatment system works. Then guests and the local children played educational and interactive games together. While the games were going on some guests grabbed a paintbrush and painted the mural on the wall next to the water treatment system. Pretty soon the music from a local band started and everyone was learning how to dance to traditional Dominican music. After having a delicious, locally prepared lunch, everyone joined together with the children to do a community-wide trash pick-up. Positive Legacy will continue to work with the Punta Cana Ecological Center and their partners on the completion of this three-step project. Next up is providing safe drinking water to all residents in Veron. Thank you to all the fans that participated in this meaningful day.



Charity Auction

Positive Legacy’s humanitarian and environmental projects are mostly funded from charity auction proceeds. In fact 100% of proceeds from the auctions go directly towards projects such as the Fuentes de Vida project in Veron. The Positive Legacy Charity Auction during Panic en la Playa was a huge success raising just over $42,000! For that past few years, Widespread Panic fans have been Positive Legacy’s number one auction supporters and contributors and we cannot thank you all enough for the continued support! Many thanks to Widespread Panic and the Panic en la Playa guests that donated items to the auction. Special thanks also goes to Paul Reed Smith, Scramble Campbell, Tim Hemphill, Jay Miller, Ian Rawn, Dave Vann, and Josh Timmermans for donating your talents to the Positive Legacy Charity Auction during Panic en la Playa.



Panic en la Playa Tres

May 17-20, 2014 - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Fuentes de Vida Project

In September 2013, Positive Legacy granted the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation $25,500 for a constructed wetland wastewater treatment system. Fuentes de Vida, which translates to sources of life, will provide solutions to the most elemental concerns of the Dominican Republic: providing safe drinking water, successfully treating wastewater and preventing the spread of waterborne illness. Project partners also include the Peace Corp and Virginia Tech. The funding provided by Positive Legacy allowed for the construction of a wetland wastewater system for the barrio of Domingo Maiz, a community of 500 people. For more information on the Fuentes de Vida project click here.



Day of Service & Celebration

Building on relationships and connections from last year’s Panic en la Playa, fans embarked on a day or service and cultural immersion in the community of Domingo Maiz. The legacy left behind by Panic fans in 2013 included a beautiful mural in the center of town where community members gather for dominos games and conversation.  When we returned to Domingo Miaz we discovered that the community had added another  section.  During the Day of Service, Panic fans and Domingo Miaz members finished the mural together leading into an amazing community celebration with live music, lunch, and lots of dancing.

Fans got down and dirty constructing the tank wall and participated in community clean up.  The Fuentes de Vida (Sources of Life) uses a natural constructed wetland system to provide waste treatment and to protect drinking water aquifer for 500 people in Domingo Maiz. The contributions and support from Panic fans will benefit this community for years to come.



The auction at Panic en La Playa was a huge success raising $60,000 for future Positive Legacy projects. We auctioned off an autographed Fender ’62 reissue Stratocaster and Washburn HB-35 guitars, and other items by artists and photographers Dave Vann, Josh Timmermans, Ian Rawn, Jay Miller, Jeff Wood, Micheal Quinlan, Peter Nogas, Jay Blakesburg, and other donors.


Golf Tournament

Sonny Ortiz joined in the fun at the Charity Golf Tournament where fans competed in a four-man scramble on the Hard Rock’s beautiful course. Thanks to those who played, Positive Legacy raised $1,200.


Set List Prediction Pool

Panic en la Playa fans tested their WSP expertise and their clairvoyance by participating in Positive Legacy’s Set List Pool on the first night of the Panic en la Playa. For a buy-in donation, guests were asked to guess the show’s openers, closers, encores and more.  Those who had the most answers correct split a nice cash prize while 50% of the proceeds benefit Positive Legacy projects.



January 27-31, 2013 -  Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Panic en la Playa Dos was one gran fiesta and took the adventure to a whole new level!  As over 3,000 Widespread Panic fans descended on the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, Dominican Replublic the energy in the air was tangible.  The new resort couldn’t have been a more appropriate place to host this epic rock vacation. The stage sitting gloriously on the beach was a site to behold, and both new and returning fans to PELP knew that we were in for something special.


El Parque Day of Service and Community Celebration

Positive Legacy was proud to take 32 Panic fans on an adventure into the Domingo Maiz Barrio in the town of Verón, 10 miles west of Punta Cana. We worked together on a cleanup project in the park and left our legacy by contributing to a new mural for the community center. The Positive Legacy financial contribution towards solid waste and waste water education amongst Verón’s citizens spearheaded a new Peace Crop project.


Donation Drive

Thank you to all Playa attendees who contributed an assortment of useful school supplies and sports equipment. Nearly two thousand dollars of school supplies were donated to the Domingo Maiz Barrio in the town of Verón!  Special thanks to One World Futbol for kicking down a host of soccer balls.


Charitable Auction

The Panic en la Playa charity auction raised over $37,000! These funds will be used to support Positive Legacy’s projects and beneficiaries in the coming year.  Thanks to the photographers (Dave Vann, Joshua Timmermans and Ian Rawn), artists (Jeff Wood and Michael Quinlan), and guests who donated items, as well as everyone who placed bids and took home something special. Your generous support made this the most successful Positive Legacy auction to date.


Beach Clean Up

We received encouraged looks from our Dominican hosts as we walked around the beach picking up cups and other litter. Many thanks to all the Panic fans who helped jump start our Panic en la Playa Greening program!



January 31 - February 4, 2012 -  Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Schoolyard “Adopt-A-Tree Project”

Several trees in the schoolyard, which provide needed shade and beauty, at the David Alfonso Sequero Primary Schoolin the nearby village of Puerto Morelos had died.  The school was without the financial resources to replace them. That’s where Panic en la Playa fans came to the rescue! A limited number of Panic en la Playa guests stepped up and were able to “adopt a tree” and join Positive Legacy in working with a local arborist to actually plant the new trees and tour the school. These efforts created a unique experience and a beautiful opportunity to be of genuine service while on holiday. 


Donation Drive

Thank you to all Playa attendees who contributed an assortment of useful school supplies and sports equipment. An array of art and medical supplies were donated to the schools in the village of Puerto Morelos!  


Charitable Auction

The Panic en la Playa charity auction was a success, help to fund multiple Positive Legacy projects and beneficiaries.  


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