Positive Legacy Recap from Strings & Sol 2019

Positive Legacy is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to integrate music and service to benefit people and the environment. Working in conjunction with Cloud 9 Adventures, Positive Legacy coordinates service projects for destination events in many different countries. Fueled by the power of music, and a passion for sustainability, Positive Legacy strives to transcend cultural boundaries by learning about the needs and aspirations of the communities we visit and serving them with action from musicians and fans!

Thank you to all of the 2019 Strings & Sol fans who showed their overwhelming generosity to Positive Legacy while in Mexico!

Post Strings & Sol Eco & Cultural Immersion Experience 

A big THANK YOU to everyone that joined us on this once in a lifetime trip with Positive Legacy and our partners, Pure Paradise Travel and Dreams for Mayan Children! We ventured into the jungle, stayed in a traditional Mayan community and had a completely authentic cultural adventure!

About the Experience:

This is a cultural submersion trip providing insight into the lives of the community

members of Nuevo Durango, a Mayan village founded in 1952, located in the southern

part of the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and

near the border with the Yucatán state. It is 1-hour 40-minutes from Puerto Morelos and

has 285 inhabitants made up of 60 Mayan families. The needs of this community include

supporting their current school education while augmenting it with afterschool and

summer/weekend programs. The focus will be on passing down cultural traditions

such as hammock making, organic gardening and caring for the apiary. It is essential

that these traditions stay intact and do not get lost in today's quest to adhere to the

modern world.

Over the past few years, Positive Legacy has partnered with Dreams for Mayan Children

(DMC) to provide grant funding to the community of Nuevo Durango for structural improvements including education and improved recreation areas. This year, Positive Legacy continues to aid DMC projects including building a Learning Center, supporting various teacher trainings, purchasing musical instruments, maintaining the gardens and more! These programs are designed to educate the community members on developing world skills and technologies while encouraging them to integrate Mayan traditions with everyday life.

The community members of Nuevo Durango are excited to host an authentic retreat, sharing what their community has to offer while providing visitors with a unique educational experience. You will be the forefront of sustainable tourism in a remote, yet safe community. While our hosts are extremely accommodating and eager to fulfill your requests, this experience will be different from the resources available at the resort. These communities are rich with relationships and traditional practices, but are still developing in terms of modern amenities. Your tourism support directly enriches their financial livelihood. We hope you will join us in making a positive impact in our world while learning about and preserving the Mayan culture!

Recap of Day of Service & Cultural Connection with Positive Legacy

Thank you to everyone one who joined us at the Colegio De Bachilleres for a day filled with planting, painting, and community interaction!  


With the help of Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marin from the Botanical Gardens and a grant of $8000 from Positive Legacy, we made a serious dent in some reforestation and landscaping the barren school grounds with native plants and fruit trees. These freshly planted areas will weave through interpretive nature trails leading to newly constructed

areas that will serve as green spaces for agriculture and nature programs

as well as providing inspirational outdoor learning and recreation areas.

The school will also be protected by a living hedge which will act as the

perimeter walls. Your efforts helped to set the ecological blueprint

which this school will use as it grows into the future.  


Guests spent the morning working together with the locals and students

on different landscaping, educational, and mural painting projects. After the

mornings projects, we indulged in authentic Mexican food and relaxed to the

eclectic sounds of  The Treefunkers, a local Puerto Morelos band, who were

accompanied by Tim Carbone of Railroad Earth.

Donation Drive

The items you brought down and contributed were delivered to our local non-profit  partner Dreams for Mayan Children for community distribution in small Mayan Villages in the jungle.  Your donations will make many children and families’ lives brighter this holiday season!

Positive Legacy Charity Auction

We are pleased to announce that Positive Legacy was able to raise over $11,000 in this year’s charity auction!  Guests put countless hours into creating one-of-a-kind items, artists made donations and musicians dedicated their time to signing items curated by the team. Thank you to Natalie Cressman and her husband Ian for performing an awesome Bossa Nova Cocktail Hour set during our auction! And a special thanks to your Rocktioneer Seth Weiner and of course Josh Timmermans and Dave Vann for the amazing photography they donate each and every year.


Auction proceeds will support Positive Legacy’s continued environmental & humanitarian projects in Mexico.

Mexican Carnival w/ Special Guests

Thank you to all the “Carnies” Andy Thorn, Andrew Altman of Railroad Earth and Julie, Becca & Dustin from The Sweet Lillies who showed up for the shenanigans and ran the games at the Mexican Festival. 

The carnival raised almost $500 for Positive Legacy’s regional projects.

Celebrity Bartending

Shaken or stirred? Frozen or on the rocks? We had the BEST bartenders around all week! Thank you to Andrew Altman and Carey Harmon (Railroad Earth), Becca & Dustin (Sweet Lillies) & Leftover Salmon, Drew & Larry their TM.


You all put their skills to the test behind the bar and the tips were a PLENTY, benefitting Positive Legacy's projects in Mexico. 

Tuned In BINGO

Thank you to our BINGO hosts Seth Weiner & Becca and Dustin from Sweet Lillies who helped create a fantastic playlist and poured tequila for a very entertaining afternoon at the pool benefiting Positive Legacy! 


Your fun in the sun raised almost $300 to fund grants in the region and support our next trip!

Carbon Offset - Trees, Water & People


Positive Legacy and Trees, Water & People made it easy to travel responsibly by offsetting the emissions from your travel to Mexico for Strings & Sol. Since our partnership began in 2007, we have planted over 200,000 trees that sequester CO2 and have provided 500 clean cookstoves to reduce emissions from cooking with firewood, improving family health. We appreciate those that donated $15 to the carbon offset program, helps us fund these initiatives in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, providing the sequestration of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide emissions. If you were unable to offset you footprint at the event, please take this opportunity to still feel empowered to leave your own Positive Legacy from Strings & Sol by visiting to make a donation, because every party has an impact!  



Positive Legacy Recap at Strings & Sol 2018

Once again, Strings & Sol fans showed up with incredible enthusiasm.  We had many repeat participants. Our Day of Service trip had an attendee waiting list, plus our school and medical supply donations were overflowing.  Billy Strings serenaded us during our auction, which drew in a huge crowd!

Day of Service & Cultural Connection with Positive Legacy

There was much to complete during our community day at Central Vallarta.  With over 60 participants, this year’s visit was special, as we dedicated our visit to Railroad Earth’s Andy Goessling, a yearly participant of this event.  His spirit was missed, as we remembered his enthusiasm for our causes, and for walking in this world with integrity and a heart full of love.


At our last visit to Central Vallarta, we cleared the area for a new school house, which they built with a grant from us in 2017. This year we gave them a $6,500 grant to build a medical clinic for their community.  Our participants painted a mural on the school house, and put the primer coat on the new medical clinic.


In addition, we completed the following projects around the community square:

  • built raised garden beds out of recycled bottles

  • planted peppers and herbs

  • planted fruit trees

  • built tables out of recycled sargasso seaweed bricks


We also crafted pinatas with the residents, while a delightful circus performed for the neighborhood children.  We are thrilled to provide this community with additional schooling and medical services.


What better way to finish off our work than going to the community-owned cenote?!  Not only did we swim, zip line and go cliff jumping, but we had awesome music from the local band Treefunkers with Tim Carbone of RRE sitting in.  We ate the most delicious local feast, but had to make sure the pilfering monkeys did not run off with a tortilla or fruit! It was a fulfilling day, and we are so grateful to everyone who joined us!

Positive Legacy Charity Auction

Our live and silent auction brought in over $14,000 this year.  We had a solid crowd bidding on our items, while Billy Strings and Friends played us some tunes. Highlights of our auction pieces were the many autographed photos and posters of this year’s artists, a custom-designed Strings & Sol guitar and drumhead,  plus some unique jewelry.


The musicians, along with photographers Josh Timmermans and Dave Vann truly helped in raising funds for our organization. Seth Weiner, our live rocktioneer, once again worked the room to get our audience primed for some major auction bidding.

Name That Tune Poolside BINGO w/ The Shook Twins

The Shook Twins helped Positive Legacy raise $750 with Bingo by the Pool! The musical bingo was full of laughs, tequila, prizes and the shenanigans everyone has grown to know and love! Thanks to all who play for this fun, successful fundraiser.

Greensky Poolside Derby

Greensky Bluegrass saddled up for the Poolside Derby contest, which raised $1000 for Positive Legacy.  Dressed up in horse costumes, they raced around the Now Sapphire pool, working with guests to complete odd tasks with Anders Beck coming in for the win. Thanks to the band for participating, Seth Weiner for emceeing, and for all the Strings & Sol attendees who placed their bets!

ss2019_pl_graphic (1).png

Other Years









Day of Service & Cultural Connection with Positive Legacy


On Sunday December 11th, Strings & Sol fans joined the Positive Legacy Team for a memorable visit to the nearby community, Central Vallarta. We met the locals at the community building which serves as a schoolhouse for the local children, a center for adult education classes, and medical structure. The building also serves as a hurricane shelter to the locals whose straw roof and dirt floor homes might be damaged or flooded during storms.


Together we painted a mural, planted bushes and trees, painted the playground and cleared the ground for foundation to be laid for the new building structure which Positive Legacy has provided grant funds to be built. This new structure will double the capacity for all community space needs, meeting the much needed demand for more space. After our hard work we enjoyed a refreshing swim in a nearby cenote and we entertained each other on the zipline and cliff jumping into the cenote. We enjoyed a traditional Mexican lunch and funk music from the local band, Tree Funkers, who were also joined by Tim Carbone and Andy Goessling of Railroad Earth for some improv jams. We ended the day with a traditional pinata which was a crowd pleaser, especially for the kids! We’d like to give a big thanks to all the fans who joined us and to Tim and Andy for the intimate entertainment! We are humbled by your involvement in our projects and support for Positive Legacy!

To see ALL THE IMAGES from the DAY OF SERVICE, click HERE.

We are pleased to announce that Positive Legacy was able to raise over $20,000 in this year’s charity auction! With a diverse array of items such as wrapped instruments, local art, artist memorabilia, autographed photos from Dave Vann, Josh Timmermans, and Dylan Langille, this year was our greatest success to date!

We’d like to give a special thanks to all the participants in the auction, including artists: Vince Herman, Andy Thorn, Drew Emmitt of Leftover Salmon and Jay Cobb of Fruition. Your participation means the world to us!

Poolside Musical BINGO w/ phoffman:

A special thank you is due to this year’s host Paul Hoffman from Greensky Bluegrass, for creating a lively afternoon of musical BINGO benefiting Positive Legacy. Thanks to all those who joined in the fun, together we raised over $700 for the Positive Legacy charity projects.


Greensky Poolside Activity: 

We’d like to thank all the members of Greensky Bluegrass for the entertaining activities they hosted in the pool to benefit Positive Legacy! Thanks to all the participants who engaged in the games to raise funds benefiting the local community, Central Vallarta.

The Positive Legacy Charity Auction

Daily Activities Recap



Recap of our Positive Legacy Programs During Strings & Sol 2016

Day of Service with Positive Legacy



We had a meaningful Day of Service at the Flora y Fauna Community Garden site!

We began the day by hauling in timber to be used to form the new beds, building the beds, filling them with soil and then planting habenero peppers, cucumbers, cantaloupe and zucchini. We worked with some of the families that will be participating in the garden program to put food on their tables.


When that work was done, we then enjoyed playing games and gifted the Strings & Sol donation drive supplies to the children and enjoying a lunch prepared with ingredients from the Puerto Morelos Botanical Gardens, where Strings & Sol guests had previously worked to rehabilitate the medicinal garden facilities.   We closed out the day dancing to music from the local band the “Tree Funkers.” We would like to thank our partners for hosting us, the Strings & Sol fans for joining us and the community members for participating in a memorable day!

The Positive Legacy Auction Raised Just Over $16,000

We are pleased to announce that Positive Legacy was able to raise over $16,142.00 in this year’s charity auction, making it the best auction in Strings & Sol history! Auction proceeds will support Positive Legacy’s environmental & humanitarian projects such as the Dreams for Mayan Children school improvement grant and the ongoing Puerto Morelos food security projects. Thank you to all of the Strings & Sol fans who bid in the auction. A special thank you to the musicians and their management, the fan/artists for supporting the auction with their custom donations and to Josh Timmermans and Dave Vann for their amazing photography.

Tuned in BINGO - Hosted by Danny Barnes and Keller Williams

 A special thank you must go out to this year’s hosts with the mosts for creating a very entertaining BINGO afternoon benefitting Positive Legacy. Thank you to all of you who joined in the fun and supported the cause.

Partner Information

Our main objective with “Fauna Flora y Litoral, A.C.” is training on how to sustainably produce food in small areas like backyards and rooftops in urban areas. The program will be aimed at children and adults in impoverished areas.

Small sustainable farms are the answer to the needs of food production in rural and urban populations to help those most in need, such as seniors, children, housewives. This program also empowers the community to earn an income, as their surpluses are likely to be marketed.




Day of Community Connection & Ecological Experience with Positive Legacy

On Saturday December 13th, Strings & Sol fans joined the Positive Legacy Team for a special day with the students of the local high school, a community that we have been working with for the past few years. Our day started with a short ride to the Botanical Gardens of El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR) where we learned about regional gardening practices. We got our hands dirty composting, dividing up plants and expanding crop numbers, painting the local educational house and cleaning the grounds. We were joined by Andy Goessling and Tim Carbone, from Railroad Earth, and Tyler Thompson, from Fruition; the trio performed for us with a local musician in a beautiful natural amphitheater while eating a fantastic locally prepared traditional lunch. We took turns being blind-folded and spun around in circles and set free to have a few whacks at a swinging piñata, eventually splitting it open and everyone rushing in to share in the bounty. Then we finished with a tour of the Botanical Gardens which took us through ancient Mayan ruins and a sky bridge over the mangroves; we even saw some monkeys on our tour! This day of service was about giving the local children an experience of music and environmental connections. We know this day inspired some of the local children to become stewards of the important natural resources in this area.

Positive Legacy and the ECOSUR have teamed up together to create an urban agriculture and ecological curriculum at the local high school.  The students are able to learn how to make compost and then use this material to make fertile soil and then how to plant and raise food crops to be self-sustainable. They have actually taken this knowledge to heart and to home where they have built home gardens so that they may help provide for their families. In 2014 Strings & Sol guests help build an educational raised bed garden at the center and this year we were able to see the fruits of that labor.


Thank you to all of you who participated in our day of service and made it a memorable and impactful day for these local children. Big thanks to all the musicians and their families that joined us.  We are humbled by your deep involvement in our projects and support for Positive Legacy!

The Positive Legacy Auction Raised Just Over $14,000

We are pleased to announce that Positive Legacy was able to raise just over $14,000 in this year’s silent and live auction! Auction proceeds will support Positive Legacy’s environmental & humanitarian projects such as the ECOSUR project. Thanks to all of you who purchased an item at the auction. A special thank you to the musicians for supporting the auction with special one of a kind items. In addition, many thanks to the patron artisans, such as Twice Upon a String that donated their time and talents to helping our cause!

Musical Poolside BINGO - Hosted by Sam Bush, Allie Kral, & Mimi Naja

A special thank you must go out to this year’s hosts Sam Bush, Allie Kral and Mimi Naja for creating a challenging and fun BINGO afternoon benefitting Positive Legacy. Thank you to all of you who joined in the fun and supported the cause – providing ecological education to the local children.



Positive Legacy Recap

Strings & Sol 2014

Day of Service & Cultural Connection

Strings & Sol guests were invited to join Positive Legacy for the kick-off the Urban Garden Initiative in Puerto Morelos during Strings & Sol. The day of service took place at the local high school where guests and students were able to get their hands dirty building garden beds, bagging healthy soil to use for the gardens, painting signs for the garden, and planting seeds with the students. Tim Carbone was even the foreman on one of the projects! After the hard work was done for the day everyone relaxed to the sounds of some local music with special guests Tim Carbone & Andy Goessling from Railroad Earth. There was a locally catered lunch and activities with the kids featuring The Big Fun Circus. Positive Legacy was able to grant Puerto Morelos $24,000 for their Urban Garden Initiative thanks to music fans like you! We are all looking forward to seeing how our legacy continues through the Urban Garden Initiative and hope to see the gardens multiplying throughout the community. Thanks to all of you who joined the day of service!


Charity Auction 

100% of proceeds from the Positive Legacy auctions go directly towards projects such as the Urban Garden Initiative in Puerto Morelos. Positive Legacy’s humanitarian and environmental projects are mostly funded from these charity auction proceeds. The Positive Legacy Charity Auction during Strings & Sol was a huge success; raising just over $16,000! Thanks to all of the guests that came out to bid on the unique items from Strings & Sol artists. Special thanks goes to all of the bands that contributed to the auction and also Dave Vann and Josh Timmermans for providing wonderful photography for the auction.



December 11-15, 2013 - Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Strings & Sol Leaving a Positive Legacy in Puerto Morelos

On Thursday Dec. 13th, day three of Strings & Sol, Positive Legacy hosted a day of cultural exchange and celebration at Casa Cultura in the nearby fishing town of Puerto Morelos. This was a day for Strings & Sol guests to connect with the local community through playing with the local students, enjoying recitals from groups that practice at Casa Cultura, interacting in a music lesson for the local youth, and listening to a fun collaboration between local musicians and Strings & Sol artists! We sampled traditional Mayan food, presented scholarships and the donated school supplies to the students. We were also able to make a donation to a non-profit ambulance service planning to serve the town of Puerto Morelos.

Thank you to all of the Strings & Sol guests and artists that donated to Positive Legacy through our day of service and silent auction. 100% of auction proceeds benefit Positive Legacy’s humanitarian & environmental projects.



December 12-16, 2012 - Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Day of Service & Celebration with Andy Goesslling & John Skehan of Railroad Earth

What a beautiful day we shared with the kids at the school! The children greeted the Strings & Sol guests with a moving opening ceremony of Mayan song and dance, and with a demonstration of their daily yoga and mediation practice. We joined them by calling in the four directions and honoring Mother Earth and Father Sky. The rest of the day was spent painting murals throughout the school, building a fuel-efficient cookstove, making new friends with the children and their families, and enjoying a delicious traditional lunch together. Thank you to Andy & John for providing us with some great tunes for the day!

Phoenix School Building & Expansion Project

In 2012 Positive Legacy donated $20,000 to build a new school located in Tulum, Mexico. The vision of The Phoenix School (formerly named Amanecer School) speaks to their belief that we are interconnected as holistic beings always in the process of learning. This school is a nonprofit cooperative based on a humanistic approach to learning, personal development and social transformation. The school curriculum incorporates ancient Mayan wisdom and practices, the cultivation of native plants and a respect for nature, as well as today’s modern technological tools. Positive Legacy provided the funding to renovate the existing structure on the site where the school will grow and develop over time, build a new kitchen, multipurpose room, bathrooms, outdoor amphitheater, and to cover some of the initial operating expenses.


The Phoenix School opened their doors on October 8, 2012 serving 18 children.  The actual property of the Amanacer/Phoenix school was recently turned over to a Montessori preschool.  They now have electricity and it is an operating business.

We recently received this statement from one of the mothers of the project. “A project that started with such high energy and will power but came down so rapidly showed me how fragile it was, and taught me that in order to succeed we needed to confine the vision and responsibility of action to a few capable and resourceful people. In almost two months, 5 mothers were able to create Onda Encantada, an education center for children from 18 months to second grade. We have 30 children in three levels, in the jungle side towards Coba, working Montessori methodology, in a bilingual atmosphere, with certified professionals, including special education and psychologist that support and integrate two children with Down syndrome. Children have English every day as second language and during classroom time, take yoga twice a week, art, music and physical education once a week. We have dry composting toilets working, and are coordinating to start a vegetable garden. I am overwhelmed with happiness and hope seeing our own kids blessed with the opportunity of the education we envision for them. We would love to extend an invitation, to share with you the magic of children, and hopefully to inspire a new relationship of exchange or resources for our education communities.”


Charity Auction

The 2012 Strings & Sol auction brought in $10,000! Thank you to the photographers, artists and guest who donated items, as well as the guests who placed bids and took something special home with them. The funds raised by the auction will allow us to continue making music work for communities!


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