Strings & Sol


Positive Legacy has been involved with Strings & Sol since its inaugural event in 2012. Over the course of eight years, Positive Legacy, with the support of festival attendees, has raised more than $101,000 for beneficiaries in Mexico!

2021 Event Details — December 9-13

Now Sapphire + Dreams Resort & Spa 

Puerto Morelos, Mexico

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Funds raised at S&S have supported: 

  • Reforesting and landscaping at the Colegio De Bachilleres to create a green space for agricultural programming, outdoor learning and recreation

  • Building a medical center and schoolhouse in Central Vallarta 

  • Developing the Flora y Fauna community garden site

  • The Botanical Gardens of El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR), and an urban agriculture and ecological curriculum for the local high school 

  • Programming at Casa de la Cultura’s community center in Puerto Morelos

  • The Phoenix School building and expansion project in Tulum


Positive Legacy hosted the first-ever Post-Strings & Sol Eco and Cultural Immersion Experience in December of 2019. Positive Legacy partnered with Pure Paradise Travel and Dreams for Mayan Children for an adventure into the jungle. This cultural submersion trip provided insight into the lives of community members of the Mayan village Nuevo Durango, who showed us their traditions such as hammock making, organic gardening and caring for the apiary.  


Thanks to everyone who has supported our organization and projects by participating in some of our favorite on-site activities including BINGO, Celebrity Bartending, the charity auction, the donation drive, Mexican Carnival and Poolside Derby!


We want to give an extra special thank you to Railroad Earth for their continued support over the years. Railroad Earth’s multi-instrumentalist Andy Goessling participated in every Day of Service from 2012 through 2017. His spirit is still missed as we remember his enthusiasm for our causes, and for walking in this world with integrity and a heart full of love.