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2015 Annual Report

We are pleased to present you with our 2015 Annual Report. 2015 was yet another amazing year for Positive Legacy, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for your participation in Leaving a Positive Legacy. With your help we were able to:

Over $160,000 expended on Program Services and over 5,000 hours from Board, volunteers and other team members to support operations and event activities

$35,000 to Compass Family Services, San Francisco, CA

$25,000 to the Urban Garden Initiative in Puerto Morelos, Mexico

$18,350 for a solar electric system at the Haiti Village Health Clinic in the Bod-de-Limbe, Haiti

$13,750 to Cool Anthropology for the 4-day Deer Dance Festival in Santa Cruz, Belize

$10,000 to Denver Public Schools Homeless Education Network

$9,000 to Trees, Water & People, allowing us to offset 900 tons of carbon dioxide

$2,350 for the installation of an Educational Tropical Garden and mural painting in Memorial Park, Belize City, Belize

$2,000 to Miami based, Guitars Over Guns

55+ cases of school, medical, clothing and other supplies for residents in Veron, Dominican Republic, Puerto Morelos, Mexico, and Nassau, Grand Bahama

Presented Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool to over 50 children in Roatan, Honduras

Playground build and gardens rehabbed on Jam Cruise 13 Day of Service at School of Life in Roatan, Honduras

Demonstration and Medicinal Plant Gardens created by Strings & Sol and One Big Holiday Day of Service guests in partnership with ECOSUR Botanical Gardens, Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Dominican Holidaze Day of Service guests visited a reef restoration project in Veron, Dominican Republic

Panic en la Playa Day of Service guests reviewed progress on the Fuentes de Vida project and painted a mural in Veron, Dominican Republic

Closer to the Sun Day of Service guests planted an herb garden and painted tablesat Casa de la Cultura in Puerto Morelos, Mexico

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