Mahahual, MX


2020 Update:

We received the final report of the Punta Herradura and Punta Herradura South beach cleaning project that we subsidized in 2019 in Mahahual, Quintana Roo, Mexico, operated by Menos Plástico es Fantástico AC.

Thanks to Positive Legacy’s support: 

  • Weekly beach cleanings have been happening since November 2019. The community was financially supported by Positive Legacy and these beach cleanups throughout COVID. This was monumental for families as this town is economically supported by the cruise ship industry. With the cruise port being closed, most jobs were lost due to the pandemic. 

50 beach cleanings have been run by local crew

  • 8,450 lbs of garbage have been collected from the 
Punta Herradura and Punta Herradura South beaches. 

  • 96% of what has been removed is plastic

  • Additional construction improvements benefited the Sandy Turtle Camp, providing protection to the turtles and their ecosystem 

  • In a 220 mile stretch of beach, in 2018 the team found 1 turtle nest, so they started cleaning with local initiative. In 2019, 12 nests were found. As they continued cleaning through 2019 & 2020 and with Positive Legacy's support, there are now 24 known nests.





In 2019 we provided a $13,000 grant to Menos Plasticos for the first time to aid in their beach cleaning, plastic removing, turtle habitat saving mission. We now  support a weekly beach clean up of 100 + kilometers of virgin beaches to the North & South of Mahahual before the current plastics become micro plastics and enter our food chain. They are creating jobs within their community to do so, benefitting our environment & the community alike.

Translated to “Less Plastics is Fantastic,” this initiative was created by Mahahual community members with the intention to spread consciousness within our community by showing the impacts consumer consumptions have on their oceans and beaches. The community of Mahahual and Costa Maya is a stretch of Caribbean coastline located at the Southern tip of Quintana Roo, Mexico which was once a quiet fishing village that relied solely on fishing Lobster, Conch and Fish. Since the Costa Maya Port was completed in 2002 the local economy drastically became dependent on Tourism. Today the port brings hundreds of thousands of tourists annually (pre-COVID-19). Over the past two decades, the community has seen a direct impact of plastics and consumer waste on their beaches and all surrounding ecosystems. Menos Plasticos feels strongly that the local community & tourists must learn and understand the importance of preserving our fragile ecosystem and that we must move towards sustainable, ecologically friendly tourism together. With Positive Legacy’s funds they are working to educate their community members on environment, waste management & sustainability.  The grant funding has provided workers compensation for 52 weeks of beach clean ups, employing and educating locals to see, first hand, the issues that need to be changed. 

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