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In response to COVID-19’s impact on the live music industry, Positive Legacy & Cloud 9 Adventures aligned to spread joy and give back to the music community in need. The COVID-19 Crew Relief Fund & Program was launched to benefit event gig workers who have been actively involved with live music events and found themselves out of work without a platform or outlet to obtain income during the pandemic. Positive Legacy challenged fans to a $10,000 donation match which was raised within weeks. We continued to fundraise through the summer with various platforms including weekly releases of archive footage of Jam Cruise performances. In total we raised just over $64,000 that was distributed to more than 200 qualified independent contract workers from the live music industry.  

"Allow me to personally thank you for approving my application. I am totally thankful for the efforts of everyone at Positive Legacy. Facing financial difficulty in these unprecedented times, this grant is of incredible help. Thank you!” ~Julien

"This helps me keep my house and make it another month until I can apply for unemployment. I'm truly honored to be in this industry and I'm forever grateful to you." ~Jen

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