Positive Legacy provided financial backing for a new school, Phoenix School/Amanecer Comunidad de Aprendizaje (translated as New Beginning Community of Learning).  The school opened its doors in October 2012, serving 18 children, with plans to increase enrollment as the school expands.

Our support enabled the school to renovate the existing structure and covered the first month of operating expenses.  And in December 2012, Strings & Sol and Mayan Holidaze participants lent a hand with the school improvement projects.

Since that time, the school has undergone some challenges with leadership and sustainability.  While no longer operating under the Phoenix School moniker, the building now serves as a Montessori School.

A November 2013 update indicated, 5 mothers were able to create Onda Encantada, an education center for children from 18 months to second grade. We have 30 children in three levels, in the jungle side towards Coba, working Montessori methodology, in a bilingual atmosphere, with certified professionals, including special education and psychologist that support and integrate two children with Down syndrome. Children have English every day as second language and during classroom time, take yoga twice a week, art, music and physical education once a week.