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Jam Cruise 17:

Positive Legacy has had the opportunity to deepen and expand our impact in Roatan since we have gotten to port there many times on Jam Cruise. Returning to Roatan in 2018, Positive Legacy provided SOL $9,409 to:

  • Support the expansion of green space around the center

  • Convert the land into a much-needed permanent Community Green Space

  • Create gardens, expand the playground, build composting areas, chicken coops and food spaces.

We were blessed to host a Day of Service as well to implement these projects with SOL! Along with the school improvements such as building an eco-brick wall out of recycled bottles, we enjoyed dance, hula hooping and soccer together to help build healthy bodies and create smiling faces!










Jam Cruise 13:

Positive Legacy revisited our friends at the School of Life in Roatan, Honduras during Jam Cruise 13. We had a day filled with music from Matt Butler and JC artists, fun, food, and service. Dr. Moog’s Sound School hosted sound stations for the students to explore the science of sound. We cleared the space for the playground that Positive Legacy and Jam Cruisers funded. We are happy to report that the playground is now completed and the students are enjoying their time outdoors. We were also happy to present SOL with some outdoor sports equipment for the students. Thanks to all of the Jam Cruise passengers and musicians that participated in this meaningful day.


Jam Cruise 9:

The multi-cultural celebration in Roatan was a beautiful day of giving, connection and music to benefit the School of Life and the Roatan Children’s Fund. Jam Cruise 9 musicians and passengers spent the day with members of the community, playing games, dancing, painting, sharing a delicious meal together, learning about each other and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.  We presented donations of school supplies, soccer gear, eight laptop computers for a computer literacy program, and books, as well as financial contributions towards school scholarships and a bookmobile program designed to reach children in under served areas.  LEBO joined us and painted a brilliant mural for SOL which will serve as a lasting reminder of our visit there.


For many of the children, the highlight of the day was a visit from Ice Cream Man. Ice cream is a luxury that rarely comes their way, and there were a lot of happy kids with gooey smiles on their faces. To close our time together, the children took us on a walking tour of their community and splashed with us in the turquoise Caribbean waters.  We received a message from SOL’s director shortly after our return telling us that “it will go down as the best day of the year for the kids here.”


A very special thank to the Jam Cruise artists who entertained us in Roatan: ALO, Nathan Moore, Brian Elijah Smith, Pimps of Joytime, Pee Wee Ellis, Fred Wesley and Matt Butler.


Current Beneficiaries


Hands Up For Haiti

Trees Water People



Past Beneficiaries

American Children’s Orchestras for Peace · Asheville GreenWorks · Bahamas Children's Emergency Hostel · The Brooklyn New School · 

CBS Women's Conservation Group · Camp Southern Ground · Carbonless Ocean Cargo · Central Vallarta Medical Clinic · COVID-19 Crew Relief Fund · Cultural Enrichment Center of Fort Collins · Deer Dance · Dreams for Mayan Children · ECOSUR & Colegio de Bachilleres · Fuentes de Vida · KM55 – Kinder School · Looking Out Foundation · Menos Plástico es Fantástico · Punta Cana Ecological Foundation · Rural Retreat · SOL (School of Life) · Soles 4 Souls · Son of a Saint · Tulum School – Onda Encantada (previously Phoenix School) · Tunes For Tots · Two Wheels One Love · Winter Wishes Gift Drive · Wyatt Academy K-5 · Xcacel Sea Turtle Sanctuary

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