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“We are happy to continue supporting the Music Industry crew during this time as the Winter will become more mentally and financially challenging for our community than the rest of the year has been. We are excited to provide a platform to spread joy and support our neighbors in need to ensure that the holidays bring smiles to children and families who wouldn’t have the income to otherwise purchase gifts. Giving to those in need is the greatest gift of all.”

~ Kristen Sommer-Swager, Executive Director of Positive Legacy.


As the holiday season approached, Positive Legacy launched a “Winter Wishes Gift Drive” to fulfill GIFT WISHES for unemployed Music Community members...the WISHES were received and have been fulfilled!



A package came today that I wasn't expecting - I opened it and it was the wish that I submitted for my child. I am overjoyed and speechless (tears in my eyes). Thank you so much! ~ Leah 


Just received the gifts. Thank you thank you thank you so so much, I’m seriously holding back a tear. ~ Danilo


A few weeks ago, we submitted a form to request a Christmas gift for our child. Amazon just delivered our request and we wanted to thank you for setting this up and the giver for being so generous. We are so grateful. ~ Lori

We got the package yesterday and I just wanna say thank you and let you know how much this means to us. (Our child) loves legos and she’s really gonna be happy to open the present. Thank you so so much! ~ Josh


Thank you so much I just got the delivery can’t wait to see the smiles on there faces! ~ Ron


We received two packages today and I just wanted to reiterate my appreciation and thanks to all of you who made this possible. ~ TJ

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