Music & Video Production Educational Studio 


Reggae music and Jamaica are almost synonymous.

To support the musically minded young people of Falmouth, Jamaica, Positive Legacy provided a $8,800 grant to build a new recording studio at the Ras Astor Black Music and Arts Institute. The studio will offer 200 students each year opportunities to learn valuable music and video production and editing skills, provide access for budding musicians to learn the recording process and access to studio time, and skills to market and promote themselves.


The School and studio are part of the Trelawny Stadium Complex, an exciting entertainment and sports complex, including a Reggae Walk of Fame and Museum. Each week, “Reggae in the Sun” for tourists/visitors will provide students the opportunity to participate in filming, food preparation, sound and lights, performance and beyond. The income generated by performances will allow for continued growth the Institute. It will also increase the exposure of Port of Falmouth as Jamaica’s newest attraction and an international market place for Reggae presentations – something that offers a real legacy plan for Falmouth.


The Institute’s goal is to have the Studio completed and celebrate a “Grand Opening” with the Positive Legacy team on January 6th during the benefit event Jammin in Jamaica with Everyone Orchestra  – capping off a week-long Reggae Music Expo. Don’t miss “Jammin in Jamaica”, an exciting day of music and fun to see how JC12 passengers are leaving a positive legacy for Jamaica’s youth for years to come!


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