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Pours for Positive Elects Together Rising as Beneficiary to Help Victims of Ukraine

Updated: May 10, 2022

Last month, partners of the Pours for Positive initiative across the country formed a united front to stand with Ukrainian families and those impacted by the unfolding crisis. To ensure that the funds raised are applied to the most immediate and pressing needs, Pours for Positive has elected to provide a grant to Together Rising, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that transforms collective heartbreak into effective action.

Together Rising assesses organizations to determine what size of grant funding they can most rapidly and impactfully utilize. They are currently distributing funds to seven trusted, boots-on-the-ground partners, including:

  • Vostok SOS, a Ukrainian-led, grassroots organization, to provide critical aid, support evacuation efforts, and resettle families in safer parts of the country

  • Rescue Foundation, whose team immediately jumped into action on behalf of BIPOC students who were being denied passage across the Ukrainian/Polish border, securing buses and safe transport for them

  • Afya Foundation, to gather, pack, and ship pallets of vital medical supplies from New York to Ukraine, an urgent shipment funded solely by our investment

  • OutRight, to provide urgent support to LGBTQIA2S+ Ukrainians still in-country and evacuees in neighboring countries

  • Estonian Refugee Council, to provide critical aid and evacuation assistance. With almost a decade of active presence in Ukraine and border regions, they are deeply embedded and uniquely positioned to provide these vital services

  • World Central Kitchen, to provide hot meals to Ukrainian refugees and evacuees on the ground in Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania

  • World Jewish Relief, to provide Ukrainians of all religious backgrounds with the food, cash, and medical and psychological support they need

To join us in this work, grab a beer at one of these breweries or you can make a donation at the link below:

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