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Craft Partnership: One World Brewing, Asheville Greenworks & The Legacy Lager

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Pours for Positive celebrated its inaugural kick off in the spring of 2021 with the Legacy Lager release and benefit concert at One World Brewing Company in Asheville, NC. Along with two community action days spent cleaning local waterways, funds raised from the Legacy Lager provided a microgrant to the nonprofit Asheville Greenworks for the purchase of a new trash trout, a contraption that will expand the organization's efforts to keep North Carolina’s waterways trash free.

Click HERE for a recap on our 1st Day of Service in Asheville on 4.25.21 and HERE for the more information about our 2nd Day on 8.2.21.

Pours for Positive integrates music and service into community engagement experiences through curated days-of-service and benefit concerts to help drive volunteerism and donations that benefit people and the planet.

By integrating philanthropy and music, we’re trying to raise awareness that people can do their favorite things, like going to see live music, and simultaneously do something good for their community,” explains Christine Campbell, Executive Director of Positive Legacy. "And we look forward to many future collaborations with craft beverage makers, musicians, and venues.”

We’ve done benefit shows in the past, but for us as music lovers who have been to events where we also got involved in environmental cleanups and community outreach, we wanted to continue to reciprocate and give back through music,” says One World Brewing co-owner Lisa Schutz. “We’re excited to work with Positive Legacy because, like us, they understand that the really cool, positive experiences you have with beer and music are rewarding, but as good as those experiences make you feel, you always feel better if you’re also doing something to give back to the community and the planet.”

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