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Pours for Positive Activates to Help Ukrainians in Need

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

The impact of Russia’s unprovoked attack has been devastating to the sovereignty and people of Ukraine. And with no end in sight to this continued escalation, so rises the urgent need for help—from emergency relief (meals, medical supplies, shelter, clothes, etc.) to support for those on the ground and for those fleeing to other European nations. Experts estimated that 7 million people in Ukraine could be displaced by the war.

How Can You Support A Nation In Need?

As part of our Pours for Positive initiative, we will be working with breweries and craft beverage companies across the globe to raise funds to support Together Rising, a humanitarian cause providing basic necessities to Ukrainian refugees in need. For more information about the beneficiaries, click here. Through the Pours for Positive Ukraine campaign, we're giving breweries across the country the opportunity to show their solidarity while also making a monetary impact on a nation in need.

Hear How Other Breweries Are Making An Impact Through Pours for Positive Ukraine

As an example, Pours for Positive partner, Against the Grain (ATG) is contributing $1 per pour of their A Beer Pale Ale at all locations across Louisville to support the cause. Asheville-based One World Brewing (OWB) is donating $1 per pour of their Legacy Lager at all of their locations as well. Both ATG and OWB will be hosting Pours for Positive: Ukraine benefit concerts in the near future to raise more money for the cause. Additionally, both breweries have had some of their retail accounts jump on board with the initiative to broaden its impact.

"Once upon a time a fellow brewer and colleague said to me, 'Sam, there's more to life than beer.' That could not ring more true than this very moment. As focused as we are on making great beer and getting it out to our community, it's impossible not to notice the crisis that our fellow men and women are enduring over in Ukraine. As a responsible citizen of the world and an empathetic human, it's impossible that we would sit on our hands. While we cannot take up arms to fight with the Ukrainians in defending their land and way of life, we can wield the resources we have to stand by them and support their efforts and the humanitarian causes needed at this time. It's just simply the right thing to do," says Sam Cruz, Co-Founder and CMO of ATG.

We'll Do The Heavy-Lifting

If your brewery or craft beverage company is interested in supporting relief efforts in Ukraine, we invite you to partner with Pours for Positive. We'll help take care of all of the heavy-lifting to make sure that the funds raised properly reach Together Rising to help directly impact humanitarian causes. For participating breweries and craft beverage companies, it's as simple as signing up and allocating a portion of the proceeds from the beer or beverage of their choice to support the greater cause.

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