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Pours for Positive Installs a New Trash Trout in NC

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

In the spring of 2021, Positive Legacy launched Pours for Positive - a centralized charitable initiative that streamlines nonprofit engagement and community outreach for breweries and craft beverage companies.

Pours for Positive debuted in the form of a partnership with One World Brewing (OWB), a fantastic, small town, music-loving brewery in Asheville, NC. Like Positive Legacy, OWB honors contributing to the environmental health of our home and giving back to the planet; thus, it came as no surprise when the two organizations collaborated to do good in the world together.

To support the campaign, OWB developed the Legacy Lager, an incredibly crisp and crushable Mexican Corn Lager for which $1 per pour was donated in support of environmental projects. The proceeds raised quickly grossed over $3,500, and the funds were provided in the form of a micro grant to local nonprofit, Asheville GreenWorks (AGW),for purchasing a new Trash Trout to protect North Carolina's precious rivers and waterways.

Trash Trouts are purpose built stormwater litter traps that sit in urban creeks and streams keeping manmade trash from entering main waterways. These devices are built to withstand the rigors of flashy rain events, yet passive enough not to harm the local fauna.

Nearly a year later, we are proud to announce that the Trash Trout was finally installed in January 2022 on the Haw Creek! Pictured below are our friends Jay & Lisa Schulz from OWB overseeing the installation of the Trash Trout alongside AGW. To learn more about our efforts, you can continue reading these news articles by Fox Carolina or Asheville Citizen Times.

Special thanks to One World Brewing, Asheville GreenWorks, and all patrons who grabbed a pint in support of the Pours for Positive campaign!

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