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Named after the Chefler Foods founder, Mike's Amazing is a line of vegetable oils, mayonnaises, mustards and salad dressings. Their products are held to the highest standards and only made available after rigorous testing to confirm that they have achieved the founder’s vision of producing a uniquely superior product that has no equal on any supermarket shelf.

During the 2021-2022 event season, we partnered with Mike's Amazing as the sponsor of our Days of Service to address food insecurity in Mexico. With their support, and a crew of hard-working volunteers, we were able to assemble over 2,000 food and supply bags during eight Days of Service at eight different music festivals. Bags were distributed to communities in need throughout Quintana Roo, and from the smiles on the recipients faces, it was easy to see how small actions make such a big impact. Thank you Mike's Amazing for helping us leave a Positive Legacy in Mexico!

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