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2018 Annual Report


Expended $118,600 on Program Services and utilized over 7,500 hours from Board, volunteers and other team members to support operations and event activities.

$31,000 provided to Dreams for Mayan Children to increase educational opportunities for underserved children

$19,000 to Trees Water People to support the ongoing sustainability programs

$10,000 grant to support health and wellness in Northern Haiti

$10,000 to Hope Starts Here for hurricane relief efforts in the US and Eastern Caribbean

$9,400 to School of Life in Roatan, Honduras for the expansion of Community Green Space, a garden, playground and food spaces

$6,500 to Central Vallarta Medical Clinic for site development and improvements

$5,750 to support Camp Southern Ground for their operations in partnership with the Zac Brown Band

$5,700 to support Widespread Panic’s Tunes for Tots educational arts efforts

An estimated 70+ large boxes of various school supplies, sporting equipment and medical supplies were collected and donated to 6 different communities throughout Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula

Hosted ‘Grace at The Greenlight Benefit Show’ in New Orleans raising $10,000 which will provide 2,000 meals to the homeless

Hosted a Dead & Company Action Day where volunteers made 2264 nutritious dried soup meals to be distributed to multiple food pantries in Boulder County, CO and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota

Hosted two service days with 75 people from Strings and Sol and Holidaze in Central Vallarta, Mexico, where we worked on the last stages of the new medical clinic and conducted many community grounds improvements

Took 46 guests from Closer to the Sun to a local Turtle Sanctuary, Xcacel Beach. We improved park facilities and did major beach clean-ups of micro-trash and other plastics.


2018 Financial Overview

We are dedicated to transparency and accountability and we welcome any financial inquiries from both prospective and current donors. Below, you can find our revenue and expense graphs, links to third-party, independent reviewers who have carefully evaluated our organization, IRS Form 990s, and audited financial statements. Please feel free to contact our Executive Director, Kristen Swager, at any time by emailing for more information.



Auction Proceeds $284,298

Surcharges from C9 Guests $106,387

Guest Donations $37,200

Day of Service Proceeds $22,837

Event Activities $26,417

General Revenue  $15,145

Total Income: $492,284


Program Services $220,989

Grants $118,660

Personnel $52,699

Business Expenses $35,014

Bank & Credit Card Fees $8,804

Total Expenses: $436,166


Audit Report





IRS Form 990



How Can I Get Involved?

Thank you for your interest in helping Positive Legacy to make a difference in the communities we visit and serve! Here are a few ways you can help us:

  • Make a tax-deductible donation to support our Program Partners

  • Donate a unique, craft item, good or service to one of our Auction Events

  • Write articles or short synopses for websites, media and social media sources about your own experiences or the experiences of others at events

  • Fundraising support to research, identify and introductions to sponsors and corporate partners

  • Volunteer at events - collect and organize donation items, assist our team to prepare items for our Charity Auctions, staff the Positive Legacy table and participate in one of Day of Service events

We welcome other ideas of ways you would like to serve!

Contact us TODAY and let us know how you would like to get involved!


Leaving a Positive Legacy

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