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What Would You Trade for Food?

Today, we are excited to announce an exclusive opportunity for our super fans - those who are the lifeline to our organization - to play an even more integral role by joining the Positive Legacy Fan Club!

With more than a decade of experience, Positive Legacy is adept at identifying environmental and humanitarian needs in underserved communities. Over the course of the next 10 days, we will take you on a journey to explore what makes PL's heart beat and what makes us truly special.

We begin our story in Mexico, where we have worked for the past ten years, providing assistance to communities and indigenous persons across the Yucatán Peninsula. Many event guests like you have joined us on a Day of Service building playgrounds, schools and health clinics, planting community gardens, or picking up trash along beaches and waterways.

Food insecurity is devastating Mexico. Even before locals were urged to stay home to avoid COVID-19, 52% of all persons in the Yucatán Peninsula were already living in poverty with half of that group considered to be extremely poor and surviving on $1 per day.

The pandemic has only exacerbated the inequity, and our friends at the resorts and port towns have been greatly affected. The Mexican government does not provide assistance such as national unemployment benefits, so today, crime is on the rise as people fight to feed their families. One local newspaper reported out of work residents selling off everyday goods in return for a meal, including one woman compelled to offer her shoes in exchange for food.

Erica from the Tulum Food Bank shares, "Supporting families in need of food is and has been needed in Tulum in all circumstances, not just through Covid. Tulum is one of, if not the most expensive place in Mexico, and incomes are very very low. This creates a very precarious situation... and needs can change drastically for a family very quickly. With one injury, illness, death, home repair, etc."

We ask you to join us in giving back to those who have shared their home country with us for all these years. A $10 donation feeds a hot meal to a family of four in Mexico… just think what a difference that will make!

You can learn more and join The Club easily by visiting the following secure link:

Together, we can make sure our friends in Mexico are fed!

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