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Post Strings & Sol Eco and Cultural Immersion Experience

Are you looking to extend your vacation and experience the natural wonders that Mexico has to offer? Join Positive Legacy and our partners, Pure Paradise Travel and Dreams for Mayan Children, for a unique 3 day trip extension! We will take you into the jungle where you’ll stay in a traditional Mayan community providing you with an authentic cultural adventure!

*December 16-18th, 2019

*Depart from Now Sapphire & Dreams Resorts, Puerto Morelos, Dec 16 at 11:00AM

*Return to Cancun Airport on December 18th at 11:00AM

*Ticketing Link: Includes details on lodging, meals, daily itinerary & partner info

About the Experience:

This is a cultural submersion trip providing insight into the lives of the community members of Nuevo Durango, a Mayan village founded in 1952, located in the southern part of the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo and near the border with the Yucatán state. It is 1-hour 40-minutes from Puerto Morelos and has 285 inhabitants made up of 60 Mayan families. The needs of this community include supporting their current school education while augmenting it with afterschool and summer/weekend programs. The focus will be on passing down cultural traditions such as hammock making, organic gardening and caring for the apiary. It is essential that these traditions stay intact and do not get lost in today's quest to adhere to the modern world.

Over the past few years, Positive Legacy has partnered with Dreams for Mayan Children (DMC) to provide grant funding to the community of Nuevo Durango for structural improvements including education and improved recreation areas. This year, Positive Legacy continues to aid DMC projects including building a Learning Center, supporting various teacher trainings, purchasing musical instruments, maintaining the gardens and more! These programs are designed to educate the community members on developing world skills and technologies while encouraging them to integrate Mayan traditions with everyday life.

The community members of Nuevo Durango are excited to host an authentic retreat, sharing what their community has to offer while providing visitors with a unique educational experience. You will be the forefront of sustainable tourism in a remote, yet safe community. While our hosts are extremely accommodating and eager to fulfill your requests, this experience will be different from the resources available at the resort. These communities are rich with relationships and traditional practices, but are still developing in terms of modern amenities. Your tourism support directly enriches their financial livelihood. We hope you will join us in making a positive impact in our world while learning about and preserving the Mayan culture!

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