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Positive Legacy Announces Pours for Positive Mini-Grant Funding to Asheville Greenworks

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Positive Legacy and One World Brewing (OWB) in Asheville, recently collaborated to develop the Legacy Lager - an incredibly crisp and crushable Mexican Corn Lager - as part of an inaugural Pours for Positive partnership. OWB staff and patrons spent two afternoons providing volunteer service out on the local rivers with nonprofit Asheville GreenWorks (AGW). We are happy to announce that the proceeds raised from each pours of the Legacy Lager has purchased an additional Trash Trout for AGW in an effort to continue to preserve North Carolina’s precious waterways.

Trash Trouts are purpose built stormwater litter traps. These traps sit in urban creeks and streams keeping manmade trash from entering main waterways. These devices are built to withstand the rigors of flashy rain events, yet passive enough not to harm the local fauna. Roadside litter accounts for approximately 75% of the trash in our nation's waterways. Each time it rains, trash is funneled through our storm drain systems directly into our creeks. No filters or other mechanisms were in place to keep the trash from entering our waterways. Once the trash has entered the water, it will begin the process of photo-degradation, whereby the petroleum based products such as plastics begin to break into smaller pieces known as microplastics. These tiny pieces of trash are in some instances consumed by wildlife with the majority of this debris going on a journey that will take it through several states and rivers before finally ending up in the Gulf of Mexico.

The new Trash Trout will be installed on Haw Creek in the fall of 2021.

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