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Memorial Park Tropical Garden, Belize City

Local Community Gathers Together For Day of Service Despite Positive Legacy and Jam Cruisers’ Absence.

We are pleased to announce the installation of an Educational Tropical Garden sponsored by Positive Legacy in Belize City’s Fort George Memorial Park.

Due to the last minute cancelation of Jam Cruise’s visit to Belize City, we weren’t able to help with the planting of the garden, however the local community rallied together and installed the garden on January 16, 2016. Thirty-three people from various organizations, including the Belize City Council, BTB Green Team, Belize Garden Club, Urban Gardens for Food Security and Peace, Aldabaran, Rugby Club of Belize, and members of the local community assisted with the planting. Various tropical plants were planted throughout the park which included, but not limited to various types of ferns, grasses, and numerous flowering and exotic plants.

The emphasis placed on executing the plans for this tropical garden was part of a greater vision of not only beautifying Fort George Memorial Park, but also with the intention of creating a destination for visitors to Belize City. This project will stem into other pilot projects which will be a part of the larger picture in changing the city into a tourist destination. Not only will this added feature be for visitors, but also for the enjoyment of local and regional community. Plants create their own ambiance, and with stage one completed, the community will now embark on stage two, which will entail labeling the plants and designing an irrigation system which will extend the longevity of these plants even in the dry season.

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