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Jam Cruise Day of Service, Jan 2018

Positive Legacy supported SOL with a $9,400 grant to create a community green space and playground. When we visited Roatan on January 19th, we worked with community members on the following amazing projects…

  • Painted recycled tires to use to build a new playground

  • Painted a jelly fish mural designed by Honduran graffiti artist REI Blinky

  • Created eco-bricks out of recycled water bottles and garbage picked up from around SOL to build a wall around the school

  • Painted a welcome mural on the road to SOL

  • Face painting for the kids

  • Trash clean up on the property & near by beach

We were joined by the children and families that benefit from SOL’s community services, as well as the 📷children & caretakers from Cattleya (kat-LAY-yah), Roatan’s local center for children & young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities.  The kids were very excited for the opportunity to team up with Jam Cruisers to make the SOL project extra-”special!”

With this new green space both SOL and their partners BICA (Bay Island Conservation Association) will teach children how to cultivate food on the island. Taking a hands-on approach to health and wellness through educational programs that will benefit the children and the greater community, creating a special place to learn, play and grow.

📷At SOL, children and young adults are afforded a safe and positive environment for recreational and educational programs, that would otherwise be unavailable due to lack of resources in the area. Over 300 children are regularly involved at SOL, meeting daily to play sports, do artwork, read books and enrich their education. This safe space allows kids to be kids. For more information on SOL, visit their website at

When that work was done, we enjoyed a delicious lunch provided by the amazing SOL volunteer team. The day closed out with dancing and hula-hooping with the 40 new hoops we delivered (made by Jam Cruisers on Day 2) as we celebrated our cultural connection. We would like to thank our partners for hosting us, the Jam Cruise fans for joining us and the community members for participating in a memorable day.

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