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Every Party Has An Impact - Trees Water People To The Rescue

For ten years, Trees, Water & People (TWP) has worked with Positive Legacy to channel the energy and generosity of the U.S. music scene into projects that improve life for people in Central America and the Caribbean.

Together, we offer music festival attendees an opportunity to offset their CO2 footprint, including the emissions required to get them to the festival, plus their share of the festival emissions themselves. A CO2 offset is a voluntary donation to Trees, Water & People that helps us fund tree planting and clean cookstove construction in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Cuba.

Trees sequester CO2 as they grow, and our efficient cookstoves reduce the amount of firewood burned by a Central American family for cooking, thus reducing emissions into the atmosphere. When you fund this work, you offset a portion of the emissions generated in your daily life.

But that’s not all. Trees, Water & People’s work has deeper, qualitative aspects to it that go far beyond the initial offset.

  • Fruit trees planted produce healthy calories for families in vulnerable areas.

  • Harvests from these trees generate new sources of income for these same families.

  • Trees also help fight erosion and build topsoil, restoring degraded land.

  • Clean cookstoves reduce smoke in the household by over 80% and cut fuel use in half.

  • Enclosed fires also help prevent major burns from kids falling into cooking fires.

Reduce the impact and protect the environment for future generations by offsetting your event's carbon footprint with Trees, Water & People! Click HERE to offset your Cloud9 Adventure for the 2018-2019 season!

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