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Carbon Offsets

Trees, Water & People (TWP) is a Fort Collins, Colorado based non-profit organization that manages dozens of sustainability projects throughout Central America, the Caribbean and Tribal Lands across the western United States. Positive Legacy and TWP have been working together to offset CO2 emissions from Cloud 9 events since Jam Cruise 6, a collaboration that has netted tens of thousands of trees planted and hundreds of clean cookstoves built in Central America and Haiti.

 Did you know…

Throughout the world, 3 billion people cook every one of their meals over inefficient and smoky wood and charcoal fires, resulting in health complications for families and kids, long hours spent collecting or buying fuel, and widespread deforestation. Roughly 4 million people a year currently die from prolonged, chronic exposure to indoor air pollution from cooking. TWP has worked to improve this reality with clean-burning, efficient cookstoves that use less fuel, produce fewer emissions and which all but eliminate smoke in the kitchen.

On the deforestation front, TWP has established dozens of tree nurseries in the regions where we work, and has grown over 5.5 million trees that provide fruit, firewood and timber for families, improve soil quality, reduce risk of catastrophic landslides, and which also sequester CO2 from the atmosphere.

Every year, Positive Legacy offsets CO2 emissions from Jam Cruise with a donation to Trees, Water & People’s programs. We also encourage guests at all Cloud 9 events to offset the carbon footprint from their flight to the event by making a donation to TWP. With one cookstove you help build or 5 trees that you help plant, you can zero out the greenhouse gases emitted on your adventure.

To date Positive Legacy and guests like YOU have offset over 9,000 tons of CO2 emissions from Cloud 9 events, directly funding over 24,000 trees and building over 350 clean cookstoves in Haiti and Central America. Offset online here or talk to a Positive Legacy representative in Greening Headquarters at any and all Cloud 9 events to learn more!

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