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A Statement About COVID-19

Positive Legacy sends our wishes of health, wellness and kindness during these tough times for our local and global communities, as well as our music communities. Our changing lives have gifted us the opportunity to slow down from our daily routines and focus more on family and self-care. Unfortunately, it also means many financial hardships for those who live off of a system that is no longer fully functioning. As events and concerts are cancelled or postponed, restaurants close, and we cannot visit with our at-risk loved ones, it is challenging to focus on anything besides the hardships. However, we must remember to be kind to each other, that fresh air, nature and music are incredible healing tools for those experiencing stress and anxiety, and to take time to help those in your community and beyond, in any safe way. Thank you for all the years of supporting us, and we look forward to continuing to share the kindness and supporting bringing each other and the world back to health.

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