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Positive Legacy’s accomplishments would not be possible without the support of so many talented musicians who utilize their voices and platforms to help us achieve monumental environmental and humanitarian achievements. Some of our biggest supporters include: 


Railroad Earth 

In 2019, Railroad Earth raised and donated $10,000 to Positive Legacy through a T-shirt campaign in honor of their beloved bandmate, Andy Goessling. Andy loved and supported Positive Legacy’s mission and attended our Days of Service in Puerto Morelos, Mexico during Strings & Sol for over six consecutive years. We thank Railroad Earth for their ongoing generosity and a special thanks to Tim Carbone, who continues to lead the charge in musical collaborations with The Treefunkers, entertaining Day of Service attendees, Strings & Sol fans, Puerto Morelos locals and classrooms of children. 



Positive Legacy was proud to announce Turkuaz as our first "Artist Ambassadors for Good" in 2019. The band was our featured artist at our Day of Service on Jam Cruise 18 in Belize. We worked together again to host a Day of Service at the Food Bank of the Rockies in conjunction with their NYE shows in Colorado, providing an outlet for fans to give back to their local community before dancing the night away!  More exciting plans were in the hopper before the global pandemic changed the music industry, but we still found a way to work together recently with our Bid for Positive- Supporting Student Success Online Auction where the band had an active presence in the campaign helping us raise over $19,000!


Matt Butler 

Every year for the past decade, Matt Butler has dedicated his fascinating ‘Everyone Orchestra’ set on Jam Cruise to hosting the annual ‘Positive Legacy Celebration.’ We come together and celebrate all that we were able to achieve each Jam Cruise; our carbon offsetting milestones, Day of Service grant projects, work on-site and charity auction fundraising. Matt also curates our yearly band lineup for the Days of Service, creating one of a kind collaborations which music fans enjoy alongside local community members. This experience ties our mission together: bridging cultures through the universal language of music! 


Matt is also a long term advisor to Positive Legacy, providing his industry expertise, creative thinking and musical talents to elevate our fundraising efforts and artist engagement.  

Greensky Bluegrass 

Greensky Bluegrass band members have supported Positive Legacy through fundraising activities at Strings & Sol over the past five years. Their willingness to be playful has helped us raise funds and awareness for our grant projects. 


Paul Hoffman and Anders Beck have also been innovative in their donation offerings to Positive Legacy’s charity auction on Jam Cruise. They have donated a private serenade for two years in a row, which was such a great experience for those winners, as well as a great fundraiser for our environmental and humanitarian projects! 


Ryan Montbleau 

For many years on Jam Cruise, Ryan has supported Positive Legacy and the Conscious Cruisers programs; from performing at the charity auction, to joining our REEF Educational Adventure, hosting discussions on climate change, and generously donating to our charity auctions. We love his passion, songwriting and ability to improv! 


Nicki Bluhm 

Whether she’s headlining a Positive Legacy Day of Service performance on Jam Cruise or participating in one of our Climate Change discussions, Nicki Bluhm’s passion for environmental action shines as bright as her unique stage presence! 



The band and family members of Moe. joined us for a rainy beach cleanup on Jam Cruise. Luckily the sun came out for the entertainment portion of the afternoon where they treated attendees to a once in a lifetime performance on the beach!


Disco Biscuits

From Brownie and his family joining us on a REEF educational catamaran ride to Aron Magner and his boys painting a schoolhouse with us in Mexico, as well as guest bartending and the continuous donations of special auction items such as tickets to Camp Bisco, the Disco Biscuits have been solid partners with Positive Legacy every year at Holidaze!


Umphrey’s McGee

Umphrey’s McGee is a continued supporter of Positive Legacy year after year with generous auction donations at Holidaze and Jam Cruise, such as unique show posters and a private tour of the UM Headquarters in Chicago!



Not only does Lotus support our auctions, but the kind gents that make up Lotus love to get down and dirty with us on our Days of Service at Holidaze and Jam Cruise!


Jeff Tweedy

Jeff Tweedy attended Positive Legacy’s Day of Service and Community Connection at the inaugural Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky in 2020. After the fans worked hard to make facility improvements at the protected space Xcacel Turtle Sanctuary, Jeff rewarded everyone with a heartfelt, intimate performance on the beach. 


Positive Legacy is seeking artists who align with our vision and mission of uniting music and service to benefit people and the planet. If you want to join our movement and create positive change, contacts us today at:

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