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Vice President 

Seth Weiner, the man with many talents, doing it all from being Your Rocktioneer (a benefit auctioneer) to an entertainer, emcee, and host of the podcast Inside Out wTnS. A true entrepreneur, starting his company Shimon Presents in 1998 when attending college at Florida State University. He has created several successful music festival services the likes of the Work Exchange Team and helped thousands of eager music enthusiasts work their way not only into music festivals, but into the music business as well. 


Seth’s current focus is as Your Rocktioneer where he is a proud member of the National Auctioneer Association, and had been designated as a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist, one of only 200 in the nation! 


With his background in entertainment, over 20 years in the music industry, Seth knows how to read a crowd and adapt his personality and style to engage your audience.

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