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Fuentes de Vida Project in the Dominican Republic

The residents of Domingo Maiz worried every day about where their water came from and whether or not it was safe to drink and use. Cloud 9 Adventures hosts events in the Punta Cana region which enabled Positive Legacy to raise funds and therefore provide financial support for the Fuentes de Vida (or sources of life) project in Domingo Maiz, Veron. Launched in 2012, this 5-year intensive community development program aims to provide safe drinking water, wastewater treatment, and a solid waste management program for 500 people and 128 homes.

Puntacana Ecological Foundation, in collaboration with the Peace Corps & Virginia Tech, built a constructed wetland, a natural system that treats the community’s wastewater and insures that local aquifers are clean for drinking.  Our most ambitious funding project to date, Positive Legacy granted $25,500 to the project allowing the completion of construction.  Serving over 150 families, this project offers the first effective wastewater treatment system in the municipality, and can be replicated in other communities throughout the region– leaving a legacy of safe, potable water for generations. Since our initial grant, we have contributed an additional $25,000 in 2014 to provide clean water distribution to the community members. The community will depend on this clean water distribution until their local aquifer has bounced back.

Thank you to all of the Panic en la Playa and Dominican Holidaze guests that have supported this program throughout the past few years, helping make this project a reality and also assisting us financially, allowing us to donate just over $50,000 to the Fuentes di Vida project.

Learn more about the Puntacana Ecological Foundation and their work here.

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