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General Grant Funding


Positive Legacy supports grant requests from nonprofit and other organizations where the purpose of the grant is to support a charitable purpose affecting disadvantaged people or the environment.  Program staff use a variety of means to explore and refine a concept with organizations in the field to create the biggest impact. 


Positive Legacy's grant priorities include:

  • Environmental protection and conservation

  • Positive child and youth development

  • Educational improvements

  • Neighborhood improvements and community problem-solving

  • Health and wellness, food security

  • Economic development

  • Cultural preservation and enrichment


Positive Legacy accepts applications by INVITATION ONLY. Please reach out to us at and present a Letter of Intent (LOI) if you have an idea worth being considered. If your LOI is approved the Grant Manager will follow up with a phone call to discuss further and invite you to submit a full application. Please do not submit an electronic application unless you have received permission from Positive Legacy staff to proceed.


Like all donors, we consistently find that the need for funding is greater than what we can support.  What Positive Legacy DOES NOT FUND:


  • Individuals (except in the case of Disaster & Emergency Relief)

  • Private Foundations

  • Religious Doctrines or Activities

  • Political or Legislative Advocacy Activities

  • Endowment Funds

  • Capital Campaigns

  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability status in the delivery of services or in their employment practices.


Click to complete and submit a Grant Application Here.

John Long Entrepreneur Award

Positive Legacy and the Jam Cruise Conscious Cruiser program lost a brother to cancer in the fall of 2017. John Long, lovingly known as JLo, had been a vibrant team member since Jam Cruise 5. 

An environmentalist and entrepreneur, John founded several businesses such as The Sustainable Living Fair, ZeroHero, Blue Sun Biodiesel and Biodiesel for Bands. His work was passionate, unwavering and importantly productive. His legacy of upstart environmental companies and nonprofits across his adopted state of Colorado inspired sustainable living in thousands of people.

Positive Legacy feels the best way to honor John is to continue his work though The John Long Entrepreneur Award. In his name, PL will try to find those fearless future leaders whose work will make the world a kinder, healthier and more sustainable place to live.


  • Maximum award $10,000 USD

  • Winners will demonstrate a sound business plan that has a specific funding need

  • Winners will demonstrate their plan has financial sustainability

  • Funded projects will benefit the environment, local health or have some other positive social impact

  • Not intended to cover overhead or salary, but may cover labor expenses

  • Two stage funding allocation will be set up with winner

​If you know an organization that is in alignment with the spirit of this Entrepreneur Award, please contact before completing our Grant Application Form.

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