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Castaway with Southern Ground


From 2016 through 2018, Positive Legacy joined Zac Brown Band fans on the beaches of Mexico for Castaway with Southern Ground. Over the course of three years, Positive Legacy and the fans raised $108,000 for our partners in Mexico! 


Funds raised at CWSG have supported:

  • Comunidad de Chemuyil for building a community center with computer and music classrooms, planting trees, creating on-site signage, and a trash cleanup

  • Dreams for Mayan Children for an ecology program, music classes, computer training, and to continue teaching the skills of traditional Mayan handcrafts

  • Onda Encantada School for facility improvements and a garden

  • Camp Southern Ground, a 501(c)(3) charity founded by Zac Brown


BINGO is always a highlight of the event, each year raising a record-breaking amount of money. Special thanks to Brett Dennen, Jessy Wilson from Muddy Magnolias and Garret Doll from Richmond’s K95 for being our hosts over the years!


We’re also thankful everyone who has packed their suitcases full of toys, school and medical supplies for our annual donation drive! Donations have been distributed to communities throughout the Yucatan, and have surely made many children’s lives a little bit brighter!

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