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Community Engagement & Sustainable Experience with Positive Legacy

Positive Legacy visited to the local community of Comunidad de Chemuyil for a day of cultural exchange, community service and celebration!

Our third visit to Chimuyil community has already proven to have had a lasting impact on the people and environment. We had a truly wonderful and hard working day creating a remarkable impact in a short period of time with fans & community members. We hope to continue to lead by example while creating lasting improvements in this community and teaching as many as we can about the importance of sustainable practices.  Activities included…

  • Trash cleanup

  • Beginning stages of a community center

  • Painted a colorful mural

  • Planting trees

  • Painting important onsite signage

Throughout the entire afternoon we had interactive entertainment by local musicians along with traditional Mexican dancers. We also enjoyed a locally prepared meal for all guests on site.

At the end of the day we tried to enter Xcacel, a local Sea Turtle Sanctuary Beach and Cenote; however, it turned out to be Benito Jaurez’s Birthday, a Mexican national holiday, and the place was so full that even a directive from the mayor of the town, who was working with us in the community, couldn’t get us in. Thanks to the Castaway crew for understanding and hey, it’s not like there wasn’t an awesome fiesta waiting for us back at the Hard Rock.

The Positive Legacy Charity Auction

 We are pleased to announce that Positive Legacy was able to raise over $32,500 in this year’s charity auction!  Auction proceeds will support Positive Legacy’s continued environmental & humanitarian projects in the Mexico such as the computer and music learning center, a trash and recycling center in Chimuyil as well as funding a donation to Camp Southern Ground. Thank you to all of the Castaway fans who bid in the auction. A special thank you to Kurt Thomas for playing a really fun auction set, the musicians and their management, the fans/artists for supporting the auction with their custom donations and Dave Vann for his amazing photography. Good times!

Daily Activities Recap

Poolside Music Bingo hosted by Garret Doll & Richmond’s K95:

A special thank you to this year’s Castaway players and Garret Doll for creating a very entertaining BINGO afternoon benefiting Positive Legacy. Your participation made this year’s BINGO one of the best in Castaway history, raising over $1,000 towards our various programs in Mexico. Thanks for having fun in sun with us!

Thank you to everyone that donated toys, school and medical supplies to the Positive Legacy donation drive this year!  The donations were graciously provided to our partners at Dream’s for Mayan Children for community distribution.  Your donations will make many children’s lives a little brighter.  We thank you for that!

Dream For Mayan Children Grant Update

Positive Legacy has been investing in various community projects in Mexico for the past 5 years. In October 2016, Positive Legacy awarded Dreams for Mayan Children a $9,400 grant to support better educational outcomes and complete necessary renovations for the U Sasil Kaan School in Campamento Hidalgo, Mexico. Campamento Hidalgo a small indigenous village with a population of 200 people located in the Eastern Yucatan Peninsula. It is a true living Mayan community, where ancient traditions still exist and the Mayan language is commonly spoken, but has mostly been forgotten by the outside world.

In 2017 Positive Legacy again partnered with Dreams for Mayan Children, awarding a $10,500 grant to create a Learning Center in the community of Nuevo Durango. Their mission is to cultivate a variety of classes including basic computer skills, English language development, music education and traditional trade workshop. This project also includes supplying the Learning Center with needed materials and supplies to enable it to operate at maximum capacity for the community. Providing a resource for remote communities to utilize for expanded youth development and continued adult education is paramount for the survival of the Mayan culture.

Project Objectives:

  • Ecology Program-expansion of the organic garden area

  • Music Classes – with primary and secondary teachers

  • Computer Training

  • Artesenia (Traditional Handcrafts)

  • Language (Mayan/Spanish/English)

RECAP of our Positive Legacy Programs During Castaway with Southern Ground

Positive Legacy is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to integrate music and service to benefit people and the environment. Working in conjunction with Cloud 9 Adventures, Positive Legacy coordinates service projects for destination events in many different countries. Fueled by the power of music, and a passion for sustainability, Positive Legacy strives to transcend cultural boundaries by learning about the needs and aspirations of the communities we visit and serving them with action from musicians and fans!

Check out all the GOOD Positive Legacy did at Castaway:

Donation Drive


Recap of our Positive Legacy Programs from Castaway 2017

Day of Service with Positive Legacy

We had a meaningful Day of Service with our partner Dreams for Mayan Children in the near by traditional Mayan community, Dos Palmas! We broke out into groups and began the day by breaking ground to prepare the schools garden beds, then planted seeds and small plants for the children to watch grow and care for. The groups got on their way, some started a painting project in the school itself to make the classroom more bright and cheery, another group started a mural on the side of the school, while others cleaned up the grounds and a soccer field.

When our work was done, we headed down the road to a village area where we were greeted by a local musician, local crafts were being sold and a tortilla making class was underway. People were able to hop in a cenote for a dip in a gorgeous cavern like body of very refreshing water to cool off after all their hard work. We were then treated to a traditional Mayan lunch that was prepared by a local chef. We closed out the day with a traditional Temazcal ceremony and a musical performance by the school children. We would like to thank our partners for hosting us, the Castaway fans for joining us and the community members for participating in this memorable day! You can enjoy more pictures HERE!

The Positive Legacy Auction Raised Just Over $33,000

We are pleased to announce that Positive Legacy was able to raise over $33,000 in this year’s silent and live charity auction! A portion of the auction proceeds will go to Camp Southern Ground and the remainder will support Positive Legacy’s environmental & humanitarian projects such as Dreams for Mayan Children. Thank you to all of the Castaway fans who bid in the auction. A special thank you to the musicians and their management, the fan/artists for supporting the auction with their custom donations and to Josh Timmermans and Dave Vann for their amazing photography.

Tuned in BINGO - Hosted by Muddy Magnolia

A special thank you must go out to this year’s hosts with the most, Jessy Wilson from Muddy Magnolia, for helping create a very entertaining game of pool side BINGO, an afternoon benefitting Positive Legacy. Many thanks to all of you who joined in for the fun and shenanigans while supporting a  great cause

Partner Information

Positive Legacy is honored to be working with Zac Brown Band & Camp Southern Ground again at this year’s event. Camp Southern Ground works to provide the opportunity to kids to attend summer camp, despite their upbringings or mental abilities. Together we can make this world a better place for through the power of music!  Funds raised through the Positive Legacy activities will benefit our local partner and Camp Southern Ground. 

And in October 2016, Positive Legacy awarded Dreams for Mayan Children a $9,400 grant to support better educational outcomes and complete necessary renovations for the U Sasil Kaan School in Campamento Hidalgo, Mexico. Campamento Hidalgo a small indigenous village with a population of 200 people located in the Eastern Yucatan Peninsula. It is a true living Mayan community, where ancient traditions still exist and the Mayan language is commonly spoken, but has mostly been forgotten by the outside world.

In partnership with Positive Legacy, Dreams for Mayan Children’s Project Caring will address the community driven goals of building a block wall that will enclose the school, allowing the children to play safely and prevent vandalism, improve the school’s dining structure so they will have a clean & sanitary environment, as well as restore the basketball court and soccer goal posts. With the support of their families and teachers, we will create an appropriate space for their development so they have a better educational experience!

Dreams for Mayan Children is a small but dedicated group of people with a strong belief in giving the children the chance of a better future. They work to provide Mayan children and teachers with learning materials, build playgrounds and community infrastructure, provide volunteer opportunities and keep the Mayan language and culture alive in the Yucatan Peninsula where rural communities have very little or no support at all. For more information on DMC please visit their website HERE.




Day of Service & Cultural Connection

Onda Encantada School in Tulum, Mexico

On day 3 of Castaway, Positive Legacy and sixty Zac Brown fans set out on an adventure with a mission to give back to the local community. Thank you to all of you who joined us for our day of service at the school, Onda Encantada. Together with the students, parents and teachers we worked on school improvements, played games, enjoyed live music and dined on a delicious, locally prepared meal.

Our team built four educational gardens for the students then worked together with them to plant fruit and vegetable seeds. The students will maintain these gardens and come harvest time they will have some cooking lessons as well. We also began two projects to improve the school’s playground. A few of the volunteers collaborated on building a kid-sized train. Others worked to jackhammer through the limestone to set the holes for the installation of the school’s new swing-set. These projects were completed by the Positive Legacy volunteers that visited the school shortly after our visit.

The teachers, students, and parents at Onda Encantada were overwhelmed with gratitude by the progress we made during our Day of Service. They say that the imprint we made on the children’s lives will be everlasting!

The Positive Legacy Auction Raised Just $42,000

Silent Auction & Live Auction

We are thrilled to announce that the Positive Legacy Live and Silent Auctions raised $42,000! Proceeds from the auction will fund our environmental and humanitarian projects such as our scholarship program for low-income families to send their children to Onda Encantada, our primary school partner in Tulum.

Featured items from our auction will also benefit Camp Southern Ground, the 501(c)(3) non-profit started by Zac Brown. As a former camp counselor himself, Zac Brown knows the positive impact that summer camp can have on a child. Camp Southern Ground provides children in the United States of all different backgrounds and abilities the opportunity to attend summer camp and enjoy the great outdoors! It was our pleasure to be able to partner with such an impactful and uplifting organization.

Thank you to all of you that bid on and purchased auction items. Positive Legacy depends on donors like you to help us as we continue our mission to integrate music and service. Together we can make this world a better place for through the power of music!

Camp Southern Ground - Zac Brown

Positive Legacy is pleased to be working with Zac Brown Band & Camp Southern Ground. Camp Southern Ground’s mission is to operate a camp to allow children to overcome academic, social and emotional difficulties so they may reach their full potential and provide the tools necessary to achieve excellence in all facets of their lives. Camp Southern Ground serves children from all backgrounds, races and religions with a special focus on those young people with neurobehavioral needs; at risk populations and children from military families.

Donation Drive Benefitting the Local Community

Positive Legacy was amazed by the amount of Zac Brown fans who supported the cause by donating school and medical supplies during the event! Your contributions made up 12 large boxes of items. We delivered these much needed supplies to Onda Encantada on our day of service. There were so many supplies that Onda Encantada has been able to share supplies with many schools and medical centers in the Tulum and Yucatan regions. Your contributions have made a strong impact on the area and for that we thank you!

Musical Poolside BINGO - Hosted by Brett Dennen

On day two of Castaway, Brett Dennen entertained fans and supported Positive Legacy by hosting a lively and fun BINGO afternoon! Thank you to all of you who joined in the fun by playing for the cause and Big Thanks to Brett Dennen for being a great host!

Partner Information: Onda Encantada

In 2012, Positive Legacy provided $20,000 as a financial backing for a new school, Phoenix School/Amanecer Comunidad de Aprendizaje (translated as New Beginning Community of Learning) in Tulum, Mexico.  The school opened its doors in October 2012, serving 18 children. Our support enabled the school to renovate the existing structure on the grounds and covered the first month of operating expenses.  In December 2012, the Positive Legacy team along with volunteers visited the school and lent a hand with the school improvement projects including constructing a clean cook stove for their kitchen.

Since that time, the school has undergone some challenges with leadership and sustainability.  While no longer operating as the Phoenix School, the building now serves as a Montessori School called Onda Encantada and is an education center for children from 18 months to eight years old. They have 30 children in three levels, in a bilingual atmosphere with certified professionals, including a special education professional. Children have English every day as second language and have other enrichment programs built into their daily classroom activities. Positive Legacy visited the school with Castaway guests on our day of service and cultural connection. We interacted with the students and worked together on some improvement projects on the school grounds. The funds raised through our day of service will provide a scholarship for an underprivileged child to attend the school for a year ($3300 US dollars). We are proud to be a partner with this innovative school in Tulum and hope that the future of Onda Encantada is bright!


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