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Menos Plástico es Fantástico - A Turtle Success Story

Since November 2019, Positive Legacy has funded a beach clean-up project with non-profit, Menos Plastico es Fantastico en Mahahual. Translated to “Less Plastics is Fantastic,” this initiative was created by Mahahual community members with the intention to spread consciousness within our community by showing the impacts consumer consumptions have on their oceans and beaches.

Through these beach clean-ups they have picked up almost 7,600 lbs of varied types of plastic, glass and trash, plus over 6,300 nurdles. Nurdles are raw pre-production plastic pellets that fall out of boats across the globe, there is not a single beach in the world untouched by nurdle and plastic pollution.

Through this grant project, Menos Plastico has been able to support 10 families with jobs during the incredible economic downfall of their local community, and this has kept these people afloat. We are so grateful to see the success of this program, and the new turtle sanctuary they have built. Last year only 12 nests were found on this beach, this year, over 70 nests were counted! We would call that a major turtle success!

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