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Grand Turk & Caicos Day of Service and Celebration

Thank you Jam Cruise artists, volunteers, Bob Moog Foundation & CommUnity In Action for your contribution to the West Road Ball Park restoration project on Grand Turk & Caicos.  Together we were able to level a field, plant vegetation and fix the park fence to help restore damages done to the public park by hurricane Ike.  We were also able to donate over $6,000 to CommUnity In Action, who will oversee the installation of playground equipment in the park with these funds.  While our volunteers were laboring in the park, Bob Moog Foundation operated Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, joined by special artist guests Bernie Worrell, Joel Cummins, Amlak Tafari and Rich Vogel.  The SoundSchool engaged forty children of all ages and taught them about vibrations, waveforms, sythesizers, and more.  In the afternoon, all groups united for a celebration with local cuisine and an extraordinary community jam.  Hot Buttered Rum, ALO, Tony Hall, George Porter Jr., Jeff Coffin, members of March Fourth Marching Band (five on stilts!), Garrett Sayers and Joey Porter of The Motet all came out to West Road Ball Park to collaborate with the local musicians.  Half of the donation supplies collected on Jam Cruise was donated to the local school at the day of service.  Huge thanks to everyone involved in helping us leave a positive impact on Grand Turk & Caicos through this one-of-a kind cultural experience!

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