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Jeff Kasky is a Florida lawyer and a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator. Before embarking on his legal career in 1993, Jeff was a music agent in New York City, including a stint in the prestigious William Morris Agency’s Agent Training Program. In addition to his career as an attorney whose practice has been concentrated almost exclusively on adoption law, Jeff has been involved in law enforcement for approximately twenty years, was a fully-certified and sworn police officer (reserve) from 1999 to 2012 and is recertifying for the summer of 2015.

Jeff’s experiences in live entertainment, law, law enforcement and mediation give him a unique perspective on the live entertainment business, and thus he offers Professional Risk Management Services to the live entertainment industry.  Feel free to inquire as to those services should you wish to engage them. On top of all of that, Jeff loves and respects the Earth and hopes to leave it in decent shape for his four kids and theirs to follow.

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