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Positive Legacy Programming at Sky Blue Sky 2020

Positive Legacy is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to integrate music and service to benefit people and the environment. Working in conjunction with Cloud 9 Adventures, Positive Legacy coordinates service projects for destination events in many different countries. Fueled by the power of music, and a passion for sustainability, Positive Legacy strives to transcend cultural boundaries by learning about the needs and aspirations of the communities we visit and serving them with action from musicians and fans!

Escape to the tropics for this inaugural event featuring 3 amazing shows from WILCO with additional sets from a specially curated lineup in Riviera Mexico Jan 18-22. Read on for how you can get involved with Positive Legacy while in Mexico!

Positive Legacy Charity Auction

DATE TBA - Event Day TBA (Hacienda Lobby)

TIME TBA Silent Auction

TIME TBA Live Auction

Come bid on autographed photos, concert tickets, and other unique memorabilia from Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky musicians and artists, and take home something cool for charity! Auction proceeds support Positive Legacy’s humanitarian and environmental projects

Donation Drive

Bring a school, medical supply or toy with you to Sky Blue Sky and Positive Legacy will distribute to the local community in need.


Help us as we provide necessary materials for schooling and essential medical supplies, together we can make a difference! Donation items should be dropped off at the Convention Center on Event Day 1 or Positive Legacy Headquarters in the Hacienda Lobby on Day 2. Items will be brought into the community on Day 3. We kindly ask that you leave the plastic bags at home.


Suggested School Supplies: Backpacks, pencils, notebooks, crayons, markers, colored pencils, calculators, rulers, and reams of paper

Suggested Medical Supplies: Gloves, masks, swabs, bandages, gauze, antiseptics, ibuprofen & acetaminophen, allergy medicine, toothbrushes & toothpaste, eye drops, ace bandages, and hand sanitizer 

Suggested Toys: Soccer ball and pump, baseballs, jump ropes, etc.

Call Out For Volunteers

Positive Legacy is always looking for a few good helping hands!

  • Collect and organize donations at events

  • Assist our team to prepare items for our Charity Auctions

  • Staff the Positive Legacy table on site and share the activities and great work we are doing

  • Participate in one of Day of Service events

  • Act as a Volunteer Captain for “Day Of” events and outings


Carbon Offset - Trees, Water & People


Positive Legacy and Trees, Water & People make it easy to travel responsibly by offsetting the emissions from your travel to Mexico for Sky Blue Sky. Since our partnership began in 2007, we have planted over 200,000 trees that sequester CO2 and have provided 500 clean cookstoves to reduce emissions from cooking with firewood, improving family health. Together, we offer music festival attendees an opportunity to offset their CO2 footprint, including the emissions required to get you to the festival, plus your share of the festival emissions themselves. A CO2 offset is a voluntary donation to TWP that helps us fund these initiatives in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Empower yourself to leave a Positive Legacy at Sky Blue Sky by OFFSETTING YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT HERE…because every party has an impact!