Leaving a Positive Legacy in Roatan, Honduras

Roatan ice creamThe multi-cultural celebration in Roatan was a beautiful day of giving, connection and music to benefit the School of Life and the Roatan Children’s Fund Jam Cruise musicians and passengers spent the day with members of the community, playing games, dancing, painting, sharing a delicious meal together, learning about each other and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.  We presented donations of school supplies, soccer gear, eight laptop computers for a computer literacy program, and books, as well as financial contributions towards school scholarships and a bookmobile program designed to reach children in underserved areas.  LEBO joined us and painted a brilliant mural for SOL which will serve as a lasting reminder of our visit there. For many of the children, the highlight of the day was a visit from Ice Cream Man. Ice cream is a luxury that rarely comes their way, and there were a lot of happy kids with gooey smiles on their faces. To close our time together, the children took us on a walking tour of their community and splashed with us in the turquoise Caribbean waters.  We received a message from SOL’s director shortly after our return telling us that “it will go down as the best day of the year for the kids here.”

A very special thank to the Jam Cruise artist who entertained us in Roatan: ALO, Nathan Moore, Brian Elijah Smith, Pimps of Joytime, Pee Wee Ellis, Fred Wesley and Matt Butler.

Outreach Projects for Cloud 9’s 2011 events are in the works!

boKidsFixJam Cruise 9 is headed to Mexico and Honduras…we’ll be back in South Florida for a week before heading down to the Riviera Maya for Mayan Holidaze. Needs assessments and initial plans for outreach projects in Costa Maya, Roatan and Riviera Maya are underway. Artists are getting involved and the excitement is building as we connect with local organizations to see how we can contribute to their environmental and humanitarian efforts. If you have any personal ties to groups in need or any other info you’d like us to know about the places we are headed, send us an email via the contact page. Details on how you can get involved are coming soon!

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