Financial Aid

Cash Donation to Rural Retreat Community Center

During Jam Cruise 8 in January 2010, Cloud 9 donated $1,000 to the community center so they could purchase much needed tables and chairs for their community gatherings.

Kinder Repair Project in Costa Maya

The green team worked with Padres de Familia Kinder in Km 55, a school in Costa Maya, Mexico devastated by Hurricane Dean, to make much needed repairs to their facility. Following the hurricane in 2007, all that remained of the school was a simple cinderblock structure with incomplete plywood walls and a tar paper roof, offering students little to no protection from wind and rain. Cloud 9 sent $1420 to the kinder one month before visiting Costa Maya, allowing them to purchase construction materials for the needed repairs. While on the ship, passengers who became aware of the repair project matched that donation with an additional $1440 to help the kinder continue renovations.

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