Earthcare Educational Snorkeling

While we were in the Bahamas for Jam Cruise 3, we partnered with Earthcare to provide Jam Cruise passengers with an opportunity to participate in an educational snorkeling trip. Earthcare’s mission is to empower people to get involved and be proactive with their voice. Passengers were educated about the current environmental issues facing the nation of The Bahamas and how to be good stewards of the earth.

Silent Auction

Proceeds from our auction on Jam Cruise 3 were donated to Second Harvest Food Bank in Jacksonville, Florida. Second Harvest Food Bank serves the hungry and needy in the Jacksonville area, and they educate the public about the causes and possible solutions to the problem of domestic hunger. Jam Cruise 3 happened only 2 short weeks after the disastrous tsunami in Asia. In an effort to do something positive for the affected region, a saxophone signed by Jam Cruise 3 sax artists, Skerik, was auctioned off which allowed us to make a $1500 donation to UNICEF’s Tsunami Relief Fund.

Reef Relief Educational Snorkeling

While we were in Key West in 2003 for our first ever Jam Cruise, we partnered with Reef Relief to educate passengers about how to snorkel with eco-consciousness. Reef Relief took us to a beautiful coral reef aboard the 54′ Catamaran Stars n Stripes and provided us with an educational talk on the living coral reef ecosystem. Passengers were encouraged to bring any trash they saw on the reef back to the boat and were given educational tips for collection of debris without damaging the coral. This excursion was a sell out on both Jam Cruise 1 & 2.

Silent Auction

Proceeds from our silent auction during Jam Cruise 1 in January 2003, were donated to reEarth, a Nassau based nonprofit environmental advocacy group dedicated to increasing public awareness about people’s relationship with the Earth’s ecosystems.

Tree Planting

In partnership with reEarth, during Jam Cruise 1 in 2003, our green team visited an elementary school in Nassau and delivered 15 mature indigenous trees that were planted with the assistance of the students there. These trees will help to beautify the school’s environment, remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and leave a positive legacy of Jam Cruise’s visit to Nassau for many years to come.

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