Jam Cruise 9

Positive Legacy Jam Cruise 9 Report

We’re still reeling from all the soul satisfying moments on Jam Cruise 9, and we are humbled by the level of participation and support that Positive Legacy received from the passengers, artists and staff. One of the most magical aspects of the work Positive Legacy does is its ability to touch people on a soul level and inspire them to get involved. Music has the unique ability to transcend boundaries and connect people together. It allows us to step outside ourselves and experience the interconnectedness to others that is at the core of our being. The beauty of Positive Legacy is that it harnesses the power of music and gives people a platform to experience that interconnectedness to others.

Leaving a Positive Legacy in Roatan, Honduras

Roatan ice creamThe multi-cultural celebration in Roatan was a beautiful day of giving, connection and music to benefit the School of Life http://www.solsite.org/ and the Roatan Children’s Fund http://www.roatanchildrensfund.com/about-us.htm. Jam Cruise musicians and passengers spent the day with members of the community, playing games, dancing, painting, sharing a delicious meal together, learning about each other and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.  We presented donations of school supplies, soccer gear, eight laptop computers for a computer literacy program, and books, as well as financial contributions towards school scholarships and a bookmobile program designed to reach children in underserved areas.  LEBO joined us and painted a brilliant mural for SOL which will serve as a lasting reminder of our visit there. For many of the children, the highlight of the day was a visit from Ice Cream Man. Ice cream is a luxury that rarely comes their way, and there were a lot of happy kids with gooey smiles on their faces. To close our time together, the children took us on a walking tour of their community and splashed with us in the turquoise Caribbean waters.  We received a message from SOL’s director shortly after our return telling us that “it will go down as the best day of the year for the kids here.”

A very special thank to the Jam Cruise artist who entertained us in Roatan: ALO, Nathan Moore, Brian Elijah Smith, Pimps of Joytime, Pee Wee Ellis, Fred Wesley and Matt Butler.

Leaving a Positive Legacy in Costa Maya, Mexico

Our day in Costa Maya highlighted just how Positive Legacy and the Jam Cruise community can make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of others. The day began with a visit to KM55 “kinder” school, which we provided financial support to back in 2009 to build new walls, a new roof, and basic classroom supplies. In 2009, this impoverished school supported 20 pre-school to early elementary age children.  Since that time, the school has expanded to serve 70 children and has been in desperate need of a modern bathroom facility with running water and septic.  Funds raised through the benefit, auction, and a donation from Cloud 9 have been used to fulfill that wish.  After being warmly greeted with a resounding “buenos diaz” by the children, participants toured the tiny school and saw the new facility under construction.  We then headed to the coast to perform a beach cleanup with the children, families, and teachers, which ended at our celebration site in Mahahual, where we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of sharing music and local cuisine with the children and community members.

Many thanks to David Gans, Matt Butler, Zach Deputy, and members of Greensky Bluegrass (Anders Beck, Mike Devol, Mike Bont, Dave Bruzza) for sharing this day with us.  None of us will soon forget the smiles on the children’s faces as they sang for us and hula hooped to some fine picking music.

Positive Legacy Auction

We are thrilled to announce that the charity auction set a new record, bringing in over $26,000 to support our current and future social action efforts. Thank you as well to the passengers and artists who supported Positive Legacy by donating and bidding on auction items. If you would like to donate something for an on-line auction or the Jam Cruise 10 charity auction, please contact us at info@positivelegacy.com. Donations to Positive Legacy are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Carbon Offsetting

For the fourth year in a row, 501(c)3 nonprofit Trees Water & People (TWP) partnered with Cloud 9 Adventure’s Green Team and Positive Legacy to bring carbon offsetting to Jam Cruise 9.  Cloud 9 provided financial support to offset the emissions associated with Jam Cruise’s 5-day voyage on the MSC Poesia, and the Green Team’s roving educators inspired passengers to offset the carbon associated with their personal travel to/from Fort Lauderdale. Offsets provide an opportunity for Jam Cruise passengers to support communities in need while reducing their environmental footprint, channeling valuable donations to TWP’s award winning conservation, restoration and community empowerment projects in Central America and Haiti.

The carbon offsetting program on Jam Cruise supports important, community-driven reforestation projects that place a diverse array of seedlings back in critical watersheds throughout the Caribbean basin and Central America.  Aside from sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, these trees provide valuable habitat, soil stabilization, shade, fuel and food to the communities that plant them, often for generations to come.

Portions of the funds also support TWP’s pioneering work with fuel-efficient cookstoves, which reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere by 50% – 70% compared to traditional cookstoves.  These cookstoves post up to 90% reductions in toxic indoor air pollution, reducing health pressures and fuel expenses for families, while reducing stress on the forests and ecosystems that surround them.

To date, Cloud 9, Positive Legacy and Jam Cruise passengers are responsible for offsetting 4,237 tons CO2e through the planting of 26,500 fruit trees and tropical hardwoods, and the construction of 115 Fuel-efficient Justa stoves!  Those are serious accomplishments which have improved the lives of thousands of people – something we can all be proud of.

TWP’s projects have been recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme’s Sasakawa Prize, The Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy, the Rio Tinto Sustainability Prize, and most recently the prestigious Sargent Shriver Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Service.  TWP consistently achieves the highest rating on Charity Navigator and Better Business Bureau, and was also recently honored by an invitation to advise the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, an international effort with a goal of building 100 million cookstoves in the next 10 years.

TWP is proud to partner with Cloud 9 and Positive Legacy in addressing the impact we create during this wonderful event, and we send a special thank you to Matt Butler and the Everyone Orchestra for putting on such a spectacular Greening Celebration in support of TWP’s work.

To learn more about Trees, Water & People, visit www.treeswaterpeople.org.

Passenger Donation Drive

A special thanks to all the passengers who donated school supplies, vitamins, toothbrushes, books and laptops for the children in Roatan and Costa Maya. The schools there struggle to provide basic supplies for the children to receive an education. Many families struggle to meet their basic needs. The 3 pallets of supplies that were collected have positively touched the lives of hundreds of children in these communities, and reflects the spirit and generosity of the Jam Cruise community.

Jam Cruise 9 Outreach Project :: Costa Maya

Support the KM55 School and Library with special guests David Gans, Matt Butler and more
Beach Clean Up, Community Celebration, Benefit, Music & Fun

Jam Cruise 9 returns to Costa Maya this year providing a wonderful opportunity to build upon our Positive Legacy work from Jam Cruise 7. In 2009, Cloud 9 provided financial support to help rebuild and resupply the KM55 “kinder” school in Mahahual and Las Casitas, which were heavily damaged by a Category 5 Hurricane. Also provided were additional donations of school supplies, solar ovens, refurbished laptops, and musical instruments to support those communities.

Join Positive Legacy for the opportunity to reconnect with the local community in Mahahual. Proceeds from this event and a donation from Cloud 9 will support additional renovations at KM55 School and support a local library project. We will start the day with a brief visit to the nearby KM55 School. We will then walk a mile stretch along the beach with the school children, picking up trash as we go. Then we will spend the rest of the day enjoying a song and dance presentation by the kids, lunch prepared by local cooks, tasty treats courtesy of Ice Cream Man, music by Jam Cruise Artists, and free time to swim in the ocean, play soccer and tour the town as desired.

The cost of this benefit event is $70 per person, $35 for kids. A portion of the ticket price will be tax-deductible as a charitable donation. Tickets will be will-call and all participants must be in Greening HQ by 8:45am ship time. Please note that due to local politics, we cannot provide round trip bus service.  All participants should plan to have $5 cash on hand for the return trip to port via local taxis. Taxis will shuttle participants back to the ship from 2:30 – 3pm ship time. Purchase tickets here.

Jam Cruise 9 Auction

The Positive Legacy team is gearing up for the charity auction on Jam Cruise, which is the primary funding tool for our social outreach projects. An easy yet important way for our friends and family to support our mission is to donate an exciting item for the auction that will get cruisers bidding. Some of the items that have been successful in the past include artwork, jewelry, vacation rentals, VIP festival passes and music memorabilia. All donations are tax-deductible as a charitable contribution and donors will receive a letter of acknowledgement. If you’d like to donate an item to the auction, please contact Ann.

One very special auction item that is sure to get cruisers bidding is this gorgeous hand built guitar.  Cruiser John Hudgel spent months on this labor of love for the Positive Legacy auction. This one of a kind guitar will be signed by Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann!

Greening Celebration

The Jam Cruise Greening Crew and Positive Legacy are proud to present the Jam Cruise 9 Greening Celebration

Saturday January 8th (last day at sea) 4:00pm in the Theatre

The 2011 Greening Celebration on Jam Cruise 9 promises to be one of the premier shows on Jam Cruise, with wily conductor Matt Butler putting together his signature Everyone Orchestra – an improv ensemble made up of an amazing collection of Jam Cruise Artists.

The performance is a way of giving back to all of you who offset your carbon and participate in Greening Jam Cruise. Carbon offsets directly benefit Colorado-based, international NGO Trees, Water & People which implements environmentally focused projects that promote community self-sufficiency in Haiti, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Tribal Lands of the American West.  Last year Jam Cruisers contributed over $4000 and Cloud 9 contributed $9,000, making Jam Cruise carbon neutral once again! Proceeds support TWP’s tree planting projects and the construction of fuel efficient stoves in Central America, with over 20 Jam Cruise Artists on stage supporting the cause.

Positive Legacy will offset the carbon emissions from the MSC Poesia’s 5-day journey through a generous donation by Cloud 9 Adventures. Cruisers are invited to step up to the plate and offset the carbon associated with their personal travel to/from Fort Lauderdale.

This is the ONLY ticketed show on Jam Cruise, tickets are earned by offsetting the airline emissions generated on your trip to Ft. Lauderdale, and will be sold during embarkation, at Greening Headquarters, at ports of call and at the door during the show.  The sliding scale of $10 – $20 is based on the length of your flight, and you can calculate your ticket price using the travel map on this page:

Calculate My Ticket Price

Ask around – this is one of the most exciting performances on the ship. As if this weren’t enticing enough, free beer is provided to all paid guests by Starr Hill Brewery, as you enjoy a slideshow of TWP and Positive Legacy projects from years past.  Look for the carbon offset team selling tickets during embarkation, or pre-purchase them online here to get on the event will-call list. Be sure to take your Conscious Cruiser passport to the Greening Celebration to show you offset your carbon.

Come one, come all…  cause it’s gonna be a party!

Greening Celebration

Jam Cruise 9 Outreach Project :: Roatan

Support the SOL International Foundation with ALO, Nathan Moore and Matt Butler
Local Community outreach, education, fundraising, music and the arts

Our Positive Legacy event in Roatan supports the School of Life (SOL) International Foundation’s commitment to enhancing the standards of education, arts and athletics in Roatan. With help from Jam Cruise attendees, Cloud 9 and Positive Legacy will also be presenting donations to the SOL International Foundation and the Roatan Children’s Fund.

This excursion includes local style cuisine, transportation, community activities, mural painting activity led by LEBO and a live local reggae band featuring very special Jam Cruise Artists. Ice Cream Man will be bringing their tasty treats to the island to share with the youth and all in attendance. There will be an opportunity for guests to have free beach time or visit the famous Carambola Gardens, a beautiful botanical garden and lush tropical forest which is a one minute walk from SOL headquarters. Admission to the gardens is an additional $6.

The ticket cost for this benefit event is $75.00 per person, $37.50 for kids. A portion of the ticket price will be tax-deductible as a charitable donation. Tickets will be will-call and all participants must be in Greening HQ by 9:30am ship time. We will return to the ship at 4:30pm ship time. Purchase tickets here.

Donate to Positive Legacy