Jam Cruise 8

Jan 3-8, 2010

Jam Cruise Carbon Offsets

Jam Cruise partners with Trees, Water & People (TWP), a non-profit organization that manages award-winning carbon offsetting programs throughout Central America. Throughout Central America, more than 80% of families cook their meals over open wood fires. These open wood fires create serious problems:
Smoke from these fires is a major cause of acute respiratory infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, tuberculosis, and eye diseases;
Inefficient open wood fires require a great deal of fuel, contributing to deforestation;
Open-fire cooking stoves, because they require a great deal of wood, release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

To combat these problems, TWP and the Aprovecho Research Center have developed several types of fuel-efficient stoves that use up to 70% less wood than traditional open fire stoves. The technology behind the stoves is simple and very low-maintenance, and the stoves can be manufactured locally, using local materials, and adapted to meet local cooking customs.

Jam Cruise offsets more than 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions though TWP’s stove program. However, this offset does not include the emissions created by passengers traveling to and from Fort Lauderdale. Last year, more than 600 passengers offest their carbon making Clould 9 and the Jam Cruise passengers one of TWP’s largest carbon offset partners!

You can purchase carbon offsets during embarkation and on board at Greening Headquarters from Greening and TWP staff.  Each passenger that offset’s their personal travel will receive a ticket to the Greening Celebration featuring Matt Butler & the Everyone Orchestra.

Everyone Orchestra

A very special thank you to Matt Butler for conjuring up the most epic EO performance ever to support our carbon offsetting efforts. Much appreciation to the following artists for their participation: Andy Goessling, Jans Ingber, Ben Thomas, Joel Cummings, Tim Carbone, Greg Loiacono, Eric Yates, Rob Koritz, Chuck Morris, Dave Watts, Jeff Coffin, Col. Bruce Hampton, Will Bernard, Justin Perkins, Luke Quaranta, David Pransky, Ryan Montblaeu, Debrissa McKinney, Bryan Horne, Suzy Q, Lee Oskar and the conductor Matt Butler! If you missed this incredible performance you can still listen to the magical music by purchasing the Cruise Tunes from the show.

Marching Band Instrument Donation

Upon doing a needs assessment in 2009, the Positive Legacy team learned that the South East Saint Ann Constituency in Jamaica had a dream to start a marching band in their community…but they couldn’t afford the instruments. In partnership with Music Matters (www.musicmatters101.com), a music education company based in Atlanta, Georgia, Cloud 9 Adventures donated a full set of instruments needed to realize the dream. Thank you to Music Matters for making this possible!

Grand Cayman REEF Adventure & Benefit

Over 140 passengers and artists on Jam Cruise 8 in early 2010, joined the Positive Legacy team on Grand Cayman for a day of education, music and fun in the sun to benefit REEF – the Reef Environmental Education Foundation. Participants learned of REEF’s efforts to protect threatened grouper spawning habitat and eradicate the invasive lionfish species, and what divers, snorkelers, and fish consumers can do to aid in those efforts. And while the ocean was too dangerous to snorkel or scuba that day, all enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of ocean side sunshine listening to musical performances by Ryan Montbleau, Hot Buttered Rum (Aaron Redner, Bryan Horne, Erik Yates, Nat Keefe), Tim and Nicki Bluhm (Mother Hips), and Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth). Thanks to all who participated in this benefit event!

Charitable Auction

This year’s Jam Cruise 8 auction raised nearly $17,000! These proceeds will fund our Greening and Positive Legacy activities and programs. A great big thank you to all who donated items and placed bids.

Jamaica Community Center Celebration

More than 100 passengers and musicians visited the Rural Retreat Community Center in Claremont, Jamaica for a day of celebration on Jam Cruise 8 in early 2010. Nearly $25,000 worth of goods were donated including musical instruments to start a marching band, a commercial weed whacker to keep the soccer fields mowed, soccer uniforms and cleats for several teams, school supplies and back packs, laptop computers with wireless cards to start a community computer lab, tables and chairs to outfit the community center, and the list goes on. Our warmest heartfelt thanks to LEBO, who painted an enlivening mural for all to see on the wall of the Center; Toubab Krewe and special guests who played a set and jammed with the locals; Ice Cream Man for trekking into the hills to give away free ice cream to all the children; and last but not least, the Jam Cruise passengers who contributed along with all of the members of the community in Jamaica who made this day so beautiful!

Cash Donation to Rural Retreat Community Center

During Jam Cruise 8 in January 2010, Cloud 9 donated $1,000 to the community center so they could purchase much needed tables and chairs for their community gatherings.

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