Jam Cruise 4

Greening Auction

Proceeds from the auction conducted on Jam Cruise 4 in 2006, were donated to our greening partner Rock the Earth. Rock the Earth is a not-for-profit, national public interest environmental organization dedicated to protecting and defending America’s natural resources through partnerships with the music industry and the world-wide environmental community.

Jam Cruise Achieves Carbon Neutral Status

To offset carbon emissions from Jam Cruise 4 in 2006 and from passenger travel to and from Fort Lauderdale, Jam Cruise formed a partnership with Trees for the Future to plant trees in the region we traveled through. CO2 (carbon dioxide) is produced from burning fossil fuels; trees absorb CO2 and produce oxygen through photosynthesis. Planting trees is the most cost-effective way to take CO2 out of the atmosphere. Donations from Cloud 9 and Jam Cruise 4 passengers allowed Trees for the Future to plant 52,000 trees in Jamaica and the Yucatan Peninsula! These trees will continue to do their job of reducing CO2 in the global atmosphere for many years to come! We left a positive legacy in the Caribbean by making Jam Cruise 4 “carbon neutral.”

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