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Grand Turk & Caicos Day of Service and Celebration

Thank you Jam Cruise artists, volunteers, Bob Moog Foundation & CommUnity In Action for your contribution to the West Road Ball Park restoration project on Grand Turk & Caicos.  Together we were able to level a field, plant vegetation and fix the park fence to help restore damages done to the public park by hurricane Ike.  We were also able to donate over $6,000 to CommUnity In Action, who will oversee the installation of playground equipment in the park with these funds.  While our volunteers were laboring in the park, Bob Moog Foundation operated Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, joined by special artist guests Bernie Worrell, Joel Cummins, Amlak Tafari and Rich Vogel.  The SoundSchool engaged forty children of all ages and taught them about vibrations, waveforms, sythesizers, and more.  In the afternoon, all groups united for a celebration with local cuisine and an extraordinary community jam.  Hot Buttered Rum, ALO, Tony Hall, George Porter Jr., Jeff Coffin, members of March Fourth Marching Band (five on stilts!), Garrett Sayers and Joey Porter of The Motet all came out to West Road Ball Park to collaborate with the local musicians.  Half of the donation supplies collected on Jam Cruise was donated to the local school at the day of service.  Huge thanks to everyone involved in helping us leave a positive impact on Grand Turk & Caicos through this one-of-a kind cultural experience!

Positive Legacy Celebration with Everyone Orchestra

Matt Butler put on another all-star jam in honor of the Positive Legacy and greening achievements.  For those of you that were fortunate enough to connect with the on stage artists through crowd interaction; we say “Cock Rock, Yes, Positive Legacy and Punk Rock!” This improvisational journey, led by the fearless Conductor, Matt Butler, gave way to the amazing collaboration of artists.  Positive Legacy and the Greening programs would like to give a special thanks to the following musicians for their participation: Anders Beck, Paul Hoffman, Jeff Coffin, Daniel Lamb, Al Schnier, Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff, Reed Mathis, Andy Hess, Jans Ingber, Jen Hartswick, Paul Creighton, Zach Gill, Aaron Redner, Eric Bolivar, Jeremy Salkin, and Jim Loughlin.


Cloud 9 and Positive Legacy invited all cruisers to enjoy a day or music, service and celebration in Labadee.  Zach Deputy and Toubab Krewe kept the music flowing!

  • 10,000 shoes were offloaded and donated to the people of Haiti
  • Socks donated by cruisers will be presented to an array of beneficiaries
  • Planted tree seedlings.
  • Our beneficiaries in Haiti gave a brief presentation and introduced some of  the local school children.
  • Representatives from Haiti Village Health were on hand to discuss the clinic renovations that your Positive Legacy surcharge made possible.

Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool in Jamaica

In Falmouth, Jamaica, the Bob Moog Foundation partnered with Positive Legacy to bring Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool to over 50 children at the All Ages School. A team of staff and volunteers from the Foundation set up four experiential stations to teach the kids the science of sound through the magic of music. Theremins, synthesizers, effect pedals, iPhones and iPads were all used to bring education alive and immediately engage the students in the subject matter. Jam Cruise regular Nigel Hall joined the team and taught the children about waveforms and sound sculpting using his favorite Moog synthesizer.  Everyone involved was touched by the experience.  Special thanks to the Moosgstress, Michelle Moog-Koussa igniting the innovator in all of us!

12,200 Shoes for Haiti

In partnership with Soles4Souls and with contributions from One World Running, Nike and Jam Cruisers all over the country, Positive Legacy blew its most ambitious goal yet – of collecting 10,000 pairs of shoes for the people of Haiti, out of the water! More than 12,200 pairs of shoes plus 2,000 pairs of socks contributed by cruisers were collected. Our partners will be distributing them, one pair at a time, for months to come. Special thanks to the cruisers who conducted drives in their own schools, workplaces and communities! Way to Leave a Positive Legacy one person at a time!

10,000 Trees for Haiti

With support from our non-profit partners Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) and Trees, Water & People, Positive Legacy and Jam Cruise passengers led the charge in seeding 6,000 citrus trees, thus launching a 10,000 seedling nursery at SOIL’s rural compost site in Limonade, Haiti. Positive Legacy and Trees, Water & People have partnered to offset Jam Cruise passenger’s carbon footprint since Jam Cruise 6, a collaboration that has netted tens of thousands of trees planted and hundreds of clean cookstoves built. JC10 represented the most ambitious carbon offsetting effort to date, as the establishment of this nursery will lead to a healthier environment, stable livelihoods, and increasing tree cover in Northern Haiti for years to come.

Haiti Village Health Clinic Renovations

haiti_kidsPositive Legacy is providing the funding to improve sanitary conditions at the Haiti Village Health Clinic near Cap Haitien. This clinic provides a full-range of primary care services to more than 25,000 people in five neighboring villages. Believe it or not, they treated 3,500 patients during the cholera epidemic without any running water! Positive Legacy is financing the construction of a well and septic system, water reservoir and pump, building bathrooms with plumbing to sinks and toilets, and putting a new roof on the clinic. Representatives from Haiti Village health joined us during our day in Labadee, Haiti, educating and inspiring us.

Everyone Orchestra Positive Legacy Celebration

A great big thank you to conductor Matt Butler and all the artists who participated in the mind blowing improvisational journey in the theatre the last day at sea. The EO performance was in celebration of all that we were able to accomplish with the JC10 Positive Legacy and Greening programs, and we had much to celebrate!

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