Rural Retreat

Marching Band Instrument Donation

Upon doing a needs assessment in 2009, the Positive Legacy team learned that the South East Saint Ann Constituency in Jamaica had a dream to start a marching band in their community…but they couldn’t afford the instruments. In partnership with Music Matters (, a music education company based in Atlanta, Georgia, Cloud 9 Adventures donated a full set of instruments needed to realize the dream. Thank you to Music Matters for making this possible!

Jamaica Community Center Celebration

More than 100 passengers and musicians visited the Rural Retreat Community Center in Claremont, Jamaica for a day of celebration on Jam Cruise 8 in early 2010. Nearly $25,000 worth of goods were donated including musical instruments to start a marching band, a commercial weed whacker to keep the soccer fields mowed, soccer uniforms and cleats for several teams, school supplies and back packs, laptop computers with wireless cards to start a community computer lab, tables and chairs to outfit the community center, and the list goes on. Our warmest heartfelt thanks to LEBO, who painted an enlivening mural for all to see on the wall of the Center; Toubab Krewe and special guests who played a set and jammed with the locals; Ice Cream Man for trekking into the hills to give away free ice cream to all the children; and last but not least, the Jam Cruise passengers who contributed along with all of the members of the community in Jamaica who made this day so beautiful!

Cash Donation to Rural Retreat Community Center

During Jam Cruise 8 in January 2010, Cloud 9 donated $1,000 to the community center so they could purchase much needed tables and chairs for their community gatherings.

Laptop Drive

Thank you to the 7 passengers on Jam Cruise 8 in early 2010 who donated their used laptops to the Rural Retreat Community Center in Jamaica. And a special thank you to Matt Whildin for installing them with fresh operating systems and wireless network cards. Rural Retreat is thrilled to now be able to establish a computer learning program for the people in their community!

Soccer Gear Donation

Thank you to Uniform Pals for donating a huge quantity of soccer gear to the rural Retreat Community Center in early 2010 during Jam Cruise 8. Uniform Pals runs a grassroots organization to coordinate donations from local families in the Boca Raton area, making it easy for kids to pass along their soccer gear when they’ve outgrown it.

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