Artist Testimonial: Matt Butler of Everyone Orchestra

“Positive Legacy provides an important and unique opportunity for fans and professional musicians to make a difference in the communities they are visiting as well as reinforcing the strong community bonds that are the roots of our scene.  Music is fun to dance to, but more importantly it brings us together, gives us friendships and community and PL gives us extra purpose and meaning to all of that.” Continue reading

Artist Testimonial: Dave Watts of The Motet

“One of my favorite Jam Cruise memories is of going a village in Jamaica with the Positive Legacy entourage and bringing the kids at a local youth center an array of musical instruments from the US. Jamaican music has influenced us all so much and for so many years Continue reading

Everyone Orchestra

A very special thank you to Matt Butler for conjuring up the most epic EO performance ever to support our carbon offsetting efforts. Much appreciation to the following artists for their participation: Andy Goessling, Jans Ingber, Ben Thomas, Joel Cummings, Tim Carbone, Greg Loiacono, Eric Yates, Rob Koritz, Chuck Morris, Dave Watts, Jeff Coffin, Col. Bruce Hampton, Will Bernard, Justin Perkins, Luke Quaranta, David Pransky, Ryan Montblaeu, Debrissa McKinney, Bryan Horne, Suzy Q, Lee Oskar and the conductor Matt Butler! If you missed this incredible performance you can still listen to the magical music by purchasing the Cruise Tunes from the show.


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Many Jam Cruise & Holidaze Artists have supported Positive Legacy over the years. We especially appreciate all the donations to our silent auction which help us raise funds to do our work. Special acknowledgement goes to the following Artists for going above and beyond to help us touch the lives of others through interaction with the children during outreach projects, performances to raise aware about our efforts, and so much more.

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